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libverto exists to solve an important problem: many applications and libraries are unable to write asynchronous code because they are unable to pick an event loop. This is particularly true of libraries who want to be useful to many applications who use loops that do not integrate with one another or which use home-grown loops. libverto provides a loop-neutral async api which allows the library to expose asynchronous interfaces and offload the choice of the main loop to the application.


Project Name Description Release Repository
libverto Main event loop abstraction library 0.2.6 git ssh http browse
libverto-jsonrpc JSON-RPC support for libverto 0.1.0 git ssh http browse

If you have written a library that uses libverto, please let us know!

Module Support

Currently, libverto provides support for four event loops by default. They are listed here with the types of events they support:

Module Name Read / Write Timeout Idle Signal Child
glib Y Y Y N1 Y
libev Y Y Y Y Y
libevent Y Y N Y N
tevent Y Y N Y N

1 See Bug 655144: gmain: Support SIGQUIT, SIGUSR1, SIGUSR2

libverto Consumers