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Welcome to Lekhonee

Lekhonee is a desktop client for publishing to Wordpress blogs.

The source tarball for the latest lekhonee release is available from latest (v0.7)

Lekhonee will prompt you for a password each time you start it. It also adds an advertisement to the end of each post.

Dependencies for Lekhonee (KDE version)

  • PyKDE4

Lekhonee Gnome

It is totally rewritten in Vala for v0.9.1, you can find the latest source at v0.11 and a yum repo for F13 can be found here

Dependencies for lekhonee-gnome

  • Vala
  • Glib2
  • libsoup
  • libxml
  • gtk2
  • gtksourceview
  • gtkspell
  • webkitgtk
  • gee-1.0


The lead (and, only) developer is available on #fedora-india as 'kushal'