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Kobo is set of python modules designed for rapid tools development.
Our goal is to create a stable and reliable library to replace a lot of code being written over and over again.
If you have seen faulty NVR parsers or custom task schedulers (hubs), you know what's this all about :)


  • client - worker - hub infrastructure (code is heavily inspired by koji)
  • xmlrpc client with cookie support and krb5 authentication
  • custom config parser (python-like syntax)
  • inheritable plugins
  • command option parser to support $prog <command> [--command_options]
  • rpm wrapper to access headers easily, functions to parse or create NVR
  • a lot of useful shortcuts
  • ... and much more


Fedora updates

Bug reporting

Patches and other contributions

  • follow PEP-8 and use pylint to make sure your code has proper coding style and has no bugs
  • make it Python 2.4 and Django 1.6 compatible
  • when the patch is ready (git format-patch), open an bugzilla and attach it


TODO list

  • write docs, doc strings, help texts
  • create examples
  • add new tests
  • stabilize api and db schema (hub)
  • include simple template for webui
  • ssl cert authetication
  • restart/reload worker daemon (sighup? sigusrX?)
  • remove all TODO, FIXME, XXX in the code
  • ProposedFeatures
  • monitor worker availability (heartbeat?); send error messages (insufficient space, etc.) to server (worker table)