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Local Apps Support

You must run the ltsp-server-tweaks script for local apps including Firefox to be able to access the Internet. Please read the important notes in the Devel/ltsp-server-tweaks page to learn more.

These instructions are to run Firefox as a local app on K12Linux EL6.

  1. Go to and download the flash-plugin i386.rpm. Move it into /tmp.
  2. On the server as root user, run these commands to install Firefox into the chroot.
      mv /tmp/flash-plugin*i386.rpm /opt/ltsp/i386/tmp/
      cd /opt/ltsp/i386
      setarch i386 chroot .
      mount -t proc proc /proc
      yum install firefox
      rpm -Uvh /tmp/flash-plugin*i386.rpm
      umount /proc
  3. Login as a non-root user to a thin client.
  4. To test local apps support, run: /usr/bin/ltsp-localapps /usr/bin/xterm
  5. An xterm should pop up, with a shell running as your non-root user. Exploration of this shell will show that it is in fact running on the client, not the server. You can run Firefox and other apps you install in /opt/ltsp/i386 from this shell.
  6. You can create a menu or desktop launcher that runs: /usr/bin/ltsp-localapps /usr/bin/firefox