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OBSOLETE: K12Linux Live Server

This page describes the K12Linux Live Server which has not been updated since 2009. Sometime soon there will be a K12Linux EL6 version.

K12Linux Live Server is a live image of an entire pre-configured LTSP server on a USB stick. With K12Linux Live Server you can safely and quickly test K12Linux Server without changing anything on your hard drive, or install to your hard drive a pre-configured LTSP server within minutes.

Download and Install (Updated February 3nd 2009)

How to Demo

  • Use liveusb-creator to install the ISO image to your USB stick. Read this if you have problems making the USB stick bootable. Some users may need to burn it to DVD instead.
  • Boot your system from the USB stick. Many systems have a boot device menu if you hit F12 in the BIOS. Others require you to edit the boot order in the BIOS.
  • Login to the Live Desktop and read the README on the desktop. Follow those directions.

How to Install

  • From the booted Live Desktop, run Install to Hard Drive

How to Configure

  • After you boot K12Linux Live Server, this README will be on the desktop. Just follow the directions.

Mailing Lists

Configure and Customize

See the User Documentation? to configure and customize after installation.