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Status of K12Linux EL6

 * RPM Builds on EPEL:
  Stable Build: 5.4.5-9
  Testing Build: 5.4.5-20

 * RPM Builds on k12linux repo:
  Current Stable Build: 5.4.5-20.el6
  Current Testing Build: 5.4.5-21.el6

 * Current Phase: Stable
   Previous Phase: Testing - 03/11/2013 - 3/17/2013
   Release: 03/17/2013
   Code name: Clover
 * Installation
  First install the LTSP repo GPG key and repo release rpm by following these steps. After the install
  please read the README.rpm for further instructions located in /usr/share/doc/ltsp-server-5.4.5/README.rpm

See: Install Guide

  • Phase 1
    • Fixed 5/20/2011 Successful EL6.0 based /opt/ltsp/i386 chroot installation.
    • Fixed 5/21/2011 pxelinux.cfg syntax changed.
    • Fixed 5/22/2011 Hardware detection was broken due to missing pciutils
    • Fixed 5/31/2011 Fixed Mysterious VT switching
  • Phase 2
    • Fixed 6/1/2011 nc differs on Fedora/EL6 from Debian/SuSE's version which requires the -q flag. Similar problem to this issue.
    • Fixed 6/1/2011 Local Apps support does not work.
    • GNOME Issues
      • Fixed 6/1/2011 Annoying and confusing pop-up dialogs due to PackageKit. Need to figure out how to get rid of it from user sessions.
      • Fixed 6/1/2011 Get rid of Switch User button in lock screen.
      • Remove gdm-user-switch-applet and bluetooth-applet from default GNOME session.
      • Remove Shutdown from System menu and get rid of Suspend/Hibernate? buttons. (tried this, doesn't work)
    • FIXED 6/10/2011 Remote USB Storage (ltspfs) is broken. usermod -a -G fuse <username>
    • DONE 6/16/2011 Wrote Private Beta documentation.
    • FIXED 6/20/2011: Fedora 14 client support: ltsp-build-client --distro Fedora --release 14 will build /opt/ltsp/i386 from Fedora 14 instead of EL6. There is no longer any benefit to this as of 8/10/2011 because EL6 i686 kernel-thinclient now supports NBD and disables PAE.
  • Phase 3: Requirements for Public Beta
    • FIXED 7/28/2011 ldm login screen theme is broken.
    • FIXED 7/28/2011 Fix ldm language selection.
    • FIXED 8/8/2011 Clean up the worrisome error messages during ltsp-build-client.
    • FIXED 8/9/2011 Add missing epel-release and SL6 "fastbugs" yum repos to chroot
    • FIXED 8/10/2011 Faster Install: Run dracut only once during ltsp-build-client
    • FIXED 8/10/2011 Create kernel-ltspclient. Turn off PAE and enable nbd, needed for < 512MB RAM clients. This would also allow us to support more hardware. Might be reasonable to do initially, but this will be a constant maintenance burden in the coming years. =(
    • FIXED 8/10/2011 Drop legacy mkinitrd support, all supported distros Fedora 14 and EL6 use dracut.
  • Phase 4 Fix these bugs before the official release.
    • FIXED 8/12/2011 ltsp-server-5.2.17 released. ltsp-build-client --release 11 will now install a i586 Fedora 11 chroot, necessary for older thin client hardware.
    • (EASY) Allow installing Fedora 11, Fedora 14 or SL6 /opt/ltsp/i386 on Fedora 15+ LTSP servers.
    • (EASY) Ensure non-US keyboard layouts work, document how to configure it.
    • (MODERATE) Determine if /etc/ltsp/ldm-global-dmrc still works to specify the login session shell.
    • (UNCERTAIN) Make KDE, XFCE, LXDE auto-detect the USB storage plug event
    • (EASY) Investigate lts.conf TIMEZONE option.
    • (MODERATE) Write documentation for the issues covered in ltsp-server-tweaks, as we don't have a better plan to do this at the moment.
    • (MODERATE) Investigate if _netdev would be helpful for the NBD root mount.
    • (HARD) Fix nbd root boot on EL6, it is WAYYYYY faster than NFS root boot. Already working for F11 chroot.
    • (MODERATE) Create Live Server DVD and Install Media
  • Phase 5
    • (EASY) Write script to take any future RHEL6 kernel.src.rpm and generate kernel-thinclient variants.
    • (MODERATE) Fix regression in SL-6.1 livecd-creator that creates empty directories in /opt/ltsp
    • (EASY) Fix FAILED messages during service startup.
    • (HARD) Fix ltspfs (remote USB) on 64bit ltsp-clients, apparently it has been broken on all distros since at least 2009
    • (MODERATE) nbd-server scripts need rewrite.
    • (MODERATE) Network Configuration documentation sucks so much that it confused even Warren as he forgot how to add an ethX to the ltspbr0 bridge manually. May require development of better tools to make it less of a crappy manual configuration process.
    • DONE 3/17/2013 Implement overlay filesystem to make / read-write
    • DONE 3/17/2013 use mock to replace livecd-tools to build chroot


  • Make nautilus "Unmount" aware when it can attempt to use "fusermount -u" instead of umount.
    • nautilus -> glib -> gvfs -> /sbin/umount -> udisks -> umount(2) (need to modify something in this chain)
    • fuse mounts lack uhelper, unable to set uhelper=something during fuse mount, unsupported by fuse-lib
    • possible workaround, patching umount to set uhelper if mc->m.mnt_type is fuse might do what we want. We then supply a /sbin/umount.fuse shell script that does only fusermount -u.
    • Or more simply add a few lines to nautilus to attempt fusermount -u ... least invasive change to EL6.
  • Clients are using way too much CPU while idle. This can be fixed to reduce power usage across thousands of machines, so it is worthwhile to investigate.
  • Implement option to limit a user's session to a single CPU core.
  • Implement ltsp-cluster.
  • DONE 3/17/2013 * Investigate ltsp "Fat Client" support.
  • (DIFFICULT) Use pxelinux fallbacks and initramfs-time boot parameters to allow selection of kernel and chroot path without editing dhcpd.conf.


  • Debian /opt/ltsp/i386 is undesirable as a means to allow older i586 clients to work
    • It would be prohibitively difficult to change anything in the chroot because the developer would need to have an entire separate development platform and tools.
    • Debian releases are not supported for nearly as long as EL releases.
    • The LTSP chroot would need to be roughly in sync with EL6 LTSP, which is not going to happen.
    • Inconsistency in Support: It is easier to support the software if all user are using exactly the same software. The only thing more expensive than maintaining software for years is to support that software for years.
    • The alternative would be to rebuild the entire EL6 package set to i586. But the maintenance burden of this is extreme. It will not happen.
    • The Fedora 11 chroot option is our less undesirable workaround to this problem of providing a i586 chroot for old thin client hardware.