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Obsolete Page - Kept for Historical Reference Only

Obsolete Page - Kept for Historical Reference Only

Obsolete Page - Kept for Historical Reference Only

2011 Fund Drive: $4,430.79 Pledged from 33 Donors in 10 Countries

K12Linux EL6 is an easy to deploy LTSP server and client platform, with long-term support through the life of EL6 until November 2017. Follow the EL6 Project Status page for more details. While we have met the $3,000 goal in support of the software development necessary to solve many issues and make K12Linux EL6 into a stable and well maintained software suite, further donations will be greatly appreciated. Donors may receive priority responses to questions on k12osn discussion list and their requests for features or fixes may receive more attention.

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Thanks to 2011 Fund Drive Donors

Purpose of the Fund Drive

The purpose of this fund drive is to demonstrate that the community appreciates LTSP enough that they are willing to contribute to make a new release possible. For the past decade many schools and companies have relied upon LTSP for low maintenance cost and high reliability in their desktop computer deployments. Unfortunately, through the years the community has been unable to help in software development due to the steep learning curve. Since the announcement of this fund drive we have received donations from both schools and companies in many countries, indicating that while the community is unable to contribute as volunteer software developers, they are willing to collaborate financially toward the shared goal.

Goals of K12Linux EL6

  • Create a stable and well maintained LTSP distribution based on EL6.
  • Implement bug fixes and feature enhancements of LTSP to better support EL6 deployments.
  • Create quality documentation to make it easier to deploy and configure K12Linux.
  • Fedora LTSP support is NOT a goal. Fedora is a low priority and mainly for testing purposes.
    • Fedora 14 is similar enough to EL6 (upstart, GNOME 2) that similar functionality is supported.
    • Fedora 15+ is increasingly deviating away from LTSP compatibility, so it is not a priority.


Warren makes NO GUARANTEES about timetables or that any particular feature will be made to work. Warren will strive to solve most of the MUST FIX issues on the K12Linux EL6 Status page. All sysadmins of K12Linux should subscribe to the k12osn discussion list. Support questions will be answered ONLY on that mailing list.

Where Will Donated Funds Go? itself has no legal organization, so donors may choose between compensating the time of software developer Warren Togami, or to benefit his designated 501(c) charitable organization (completely unrelated to LTSP). From past experience nearly 99% of progress made in K12Linux has been through Warren's work. So this fund drive is to support either him personally (so he can buy food as a grad student) or to benefit the charitable organization that he supports. Non-American donors are unable to benefit from the American charitable giving tax deduction, so it is suggested that they donate directly to Warren. Contact warren@… if you wish to make a contribution.

Contracts for Bug Fixing, Feature Implementation, or Custom Configuration

The regular development plan is only to fix standard LTSP features to work on the EL6 platform. If you need specific other bugs fixed, features implemented, or other custom configurations, talk to Warren about your needs. If your problem seem feasible, Warren may suggest a price based on the expected amount of time necessary to create the custom solution. Your solution (if appropriate) will then be integrated into K12Linux so you can easily benefit from it in future software upgrades.

Tracking Usage?

Beyond the fundraiser, the broad response from schools and companies to this fund drive suggests widespread LTSP use out in the world. A worthwhile mini-project would be to make a giant list of both schools and corporate users of LTSP. This would be beneficial in several ways: estimate the number of clients and deployments worldwide, and perhaps might be helpful for future fund raising.

Ready to Install the K12Linux EL6 Beta?

See the InstallGuide.