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What is this site?

This is the source project for the official Fedora Installation Guide. It includes a git repo and a database for tracking how we develop the source toolchain.

It's all part of the Fedora Project. This site, in particular, is run by the Fedora Documentation team.

If you want to look at what we've created, use the "Browse Source" link above and to the right.

The Installation Guide has something missing or wrong.

If you need to tell us that something is wrong in the Installation Guide, visit Bugzilla. File a bug against the product "Fedora Documentation," component "install-guide."

I want to help with the content.

If you want to help update the content of the Installation Guide, first introduce yourself to the Docs Project. Then visit this page on the Fedora Project wiki to find out how to get started using git. These instructions should work for most people with access to this repository:

cd ~/projects/
git clone ssh://<username>
su -c 'dnf install publican-fedora'

If you don't already have authorized access to this repo as a committer, use git:// instead of ssh:// above. If you want to get authorized access, email the Documentation team's mailing list and visit this page in the Fedora Account System to apply for membership.

Note this repository is quite large even in using git's efficient storage. It may take several minutes to receive even on a high bandwidth connection.

I want to translate the content to my language.

Check the statistics page to get details about your language and join the Fedora Translation team if your language is not available.

I'm confused. What is this site for?

If you have questions, come visit the Docs Project on IRC. IRC is a way to communicate in real time with other Fedora Project members. You can find more information here.