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This project contains 22 Enhanced Inscript keyboard layouts for Indic languages. These are m17n keyboard layouts and are based on the draft released by CDAC.Currently, the draft can be downloaded from

These keymaps are tested on Fedora 15 with iBus input method and requires AltGr? support in IM.

Naming of the keymaps

Considering there are languages that can be written using more than one scripts, these new enhanced keymaps are named like


However, for languages which uses only single script, keymap names are kept in old style.


icon files

The icon files for the keymaps are borrowed from the m17n-contrib project.

XKB vs m17n keymaps

Enhanced Inscript draft can be implemented using either XKB way or m17n way.

X Keyboard Extension (XKB) allows translating keystrokes into character codes. Some Indic languages have XKB maps based on Inscript standard. These maps are written in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/in file. But there are some limitation observed with this protocol. One of the limitation is unable to support conjunct character mappings. XKB key mappings take only one Unicode hex value for a key in any level. This is the reason why this project does not contain any XKB maps.

The multilingualization (m17n) keymaps is another way to map key sequence to characters. Upstream m17n-lib project already provides contributed Inscript standard keymaps. The m17n library allows keys to be mapped to any conjunct character also. This project provides m17n keymaps based on draft release of Enhanced Inscript by CDAC.


Keymaps provided by this project follows the m17n standard to write keymap files. Also, icon files and key summary is taken from old Inscript keymaps. Key summary is only modified for required changed keys. As old Inscript maps follows "LGPLv2 or later" license, this project is also licensed under "LGPLv2 or later".

Download tarball

How to install

  • Extract the tarball
  • To install the keymaps use command "sudo make install"
  • To uninstall the keymaps use command "sudo make uninstall"


These keymaps need AltGr? (Right Alt key) support to be enabled on F15 as

1) start the gnome-control-center and click on "Region and Language"

2) Then on the Layouts tab, click on "Options" button

3) search for "key to choose 3rd level" and enable checkbox "Right Alt"

4) Use Alt+F2 and type "r" and enter. This will restart the gnome-shell.

Reporting issues

Please report any issues at