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Ibus european table project provides auto completion feature ( for European languages. This helps user while typing .User can avoid typing mistakes and can avoid typing long spellings.

Ibus European Table is just middle-ware.

Along with ibus-european-table ,you need to install corresponding language data dictionary.


If you want to use English language in ibus-european-table you need to install english-typing booster.

For installation of english typing booster please refer page (

Currently ibus-european-table supports following languages:-

1: English

Installation:- Ibus-european-table supports GNU\Linux platforms.

You can install ibus-european-table on fedora systems by typing following command with root privileges

yum install ibus-european-table -y

Other distros:- You need to build ibus-european-table from scratch

You can get the source code from

After extracting the source code, run following commands:- --prefix=/usr


3:make install

Note that for installation you will require administrative privileges.

Developer:- Anish Patil - apatil@…

IRC We have an #typing-booster channel on for developers and users.

Anonymous GIT access

$ git clone

Mailing List:-


GPLv2 or Later