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RFE: Change like/dislike system

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Some comments from the LWN article thread (http://lwn.net/Articles/596820/):

"The like/dislilke should be implemented based on personal preference not controlled by majority..."

"Advogato's diary ratings got that right, based on its trust metric: http://advogato.org/trust-metric.html"

" The problem with upvote/downvote/karma systems is that they allow a majority mindset to establish and stay established. Just look at the circle-jerks on Hacker News and Reddit (where clever algorithms have had to be tacked on especially to try to reduce the effects of group-think). Everyone with a slightly different point of view to the established clique gets downvoted, and downvoted messages are more likely to attract more downvotes. People don't click anonymous upvote/downvote buttons because of reasoned, civil thought, they do it as a deep, primal, emotional, self-centred reaction. They might do it because $famous_person or $alpha_person did. They don't think "does this add objective value to the conversation?" they think "do I agree with this? Does this person's literacy meet my standards? Do they use C or C++? Do they use emacs or vim? Down with their opinions!" People are awful. Giving them downvote buttons only enables their awfulness."

I wonder if it would be possible to swap out how we do the likes/dislikes, or at least sit down and re-think it. This is one area that has been hard to test out on the staging server.

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I agree that this needs thinking.

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