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Welcome to hyperkitty

HyperKitty is an archiver project for Mailman, version 3.

It aims at implementing

You can read the main documentation online.

There is a demo server available, but it's a development server, so it may be broken at the time you access it. It's usually OK though. Currently it is running a version of HyperKitty? from July 2014, because recent changes in Mailman make it incompatible with !HyperKitty (the Python 3 port), and we're in the process of fixing that.

Design mockups are available at:

More designs are available as blog posts:


The source are hosted on Github: You'll need all three repositories.

HyperKitty, being a Django application, can be used with any other Django project. If you are deploying HyperKitty standalone, you'll only need kittystore, hyperkitty and hyperkitty_standalone.

Setting up locally for development


Usability Testing



Discussion about hyperkitty happens on the hyperkitty-devel mailing list, or on IRC: #mailman on freenode. To learn more about Mailman development generally, visit the Mailman wiki.