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Guest Account for Fedora

This module is a set of tools implementing "guest" functionality for Fedora. The design (and matching implementation) is thus:

  • From the GDM login screen, add ability to "log in as guest". See LoginGuestDialog.
  • A new Unix GuestAccount is created
  • On logout, a dialog appears offering to delete the account

Get the Source

hg clone


hg clone ssh://

(for developers)

Setting things up

  • Apply gdm-guestlogin.patch to GDM. I did this by updating the Fedora spec file, then rebuilding with make local and installing the resulting RPM.
  • Add the custom fragment from gdm-custom.conf to /etc/gdm/custom.conf.
  • Install the guest-account package (/usr/bin/gdm-guestlogin, /usr/bin/guest-account, and /usr/share/gnome/autostart/guest-account.desktop).
  • Restart gdm

Future work

  • Cleaner support in Fedora for NoPassword accounts
  • Get GDM patch cleaned up and upstreamed
  • Make gdm-guestlogin cleaner - currently spawns a new server using socket protocol, should control existing server, etc.
  • Get guest-account packaged into Fedora