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Welcome to the GtkTerm Homepage


Gtkterm is a simple GTK+ terminal used to communicate with a serial port.
It is has fewer features than minicom, but is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Gtkterm was originally written by Julien Schmitt as a convenient program to communicate with serial devices.
It is targeted mainly at developers working with embedded devices, but is useful for anybody who needs to quickly and easily set up serial communication.

Gtkterm is maintained and hosted here on


Gtkterm 0.99.7 release candidate one is here! Check it out in the releases! 0.99.7 is hopefully the last major GTK+2.0 release.

Getting GtkTerm

Most popular Linux distros have gtkterm in their repositories:

  • Fedora:
yum install gtkterm 
  • Ubuntu:
apt-get install gtkterm 

Official Source Releases

Find release tarballs at:

Git Repository

Browse the latest source at:


Use fork the latest development branch:

git clone


  • Serial port terminal window
  • Easy port configuration (speed, parity, bits, stopbits, flow control)
  • Uses the termios API
  • Possible to send a file (only RAW data, no protocol)
  • End of line delay while sending a file
  • Special character wait before next line while sending a file
  • Possible to toggle control lines manually (DTR, CTS)
  • Also reads the state of control lines (RTS, CD, DSR, RI)
  • Hexadecimal display

Screen Shots

Main Screen (communicating with a router running OpenWrt):
image of main window

Configuration Screen:
Image of configuration window

A Note About Versions

GtkTerm was stagnant for a number of years before coming under new maintainer-ship. As such, there are a lot of old versions floating around. The most common of which is version 0.99.5.
This version is still used by most Linux distributions. While we are working with the various packagers, we are still getting a lot of bug reports for this old version.

So, if you have a bug or feature in mind, please check the latest version - there is a good chance the fix is already around or on its way.

Fixes and New Features in GtkTerm 0.99.7 and above

  • Right-click context menu
  • Configuration window shows current configuration
  • Better logging functionality

Fixes and New Features in GtkTerm 0.99.6 and above

  • Arbitrary Baud Rates
  • Scroll Bar
  • Keyboard Copy/Paste
  • Port information in title bar
  • Many bug fixes, including memory leaks and crashes on disconnect


  • Migration to GTK+3.0
  • Better Internationalization
  • Scripting interface
  • Updated Hex View
  • Tabs
  • Multiple/Concurrent Connections

Bugs or Enhancements

Please post any bugs as a new trac ticket, but be sure to search and see if it has already been reported.

While we are happy to accept any ideas for enhancements or new features,
please keep in mind that Gtkterm is meant to be minimalistic.
Therefore any feature proposals will need to keep in line with the existing functionality to be considered.
An example of a bad feature proposal would be, e.g "Ability to also open and communicate with sockets."

On the other hand, do not let this discourage you from submitting ideas! Gtkterm is certainly an ongoing project!

Building from the sources

GtkTerm has a few dependencies:

  • GTK+ 2.6 or higher
  • vte or libvte
  • libintl (internationalization)

For Ubuntu, these can be obtained with: sudo apt-get install libvte-dev intltool build-essential libgtk2.0-dev

For Fedora use yum: sudo yum install vte-devel intltool gtk2-devel

Who we are

  • Zach Davis