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Cumin (aka the MRG Management Console) is a web UI application for managing Condor pools and/or QMF messaging deployments. It is supported on Fedora as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. These pages describe how to install Cumin as an end user or a developer on a Fedora system.

If you are interested in Cumin as an end user, see instructions on installing and configuring Cumin

If you would like to do software development with Cumin sources, see how to set up a Cumin development environment


Red Hat Enterprise MRG documentation covers installation, configuration, and use of Cumin and Condor (MRG Grid) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems but much is applicable to Fedora systems as well. See the Management Console Installation Guide in particular for Cumin.

Release Schedule and Development Roadmap

The goal is to release updates for Cumin on Fedora roughly four times a year:

  • January
  • April (delayed)
  • July (delayed)
  • October (planned)

The development roadmap roughly outlines development direction over the next few releases

Questions and commets about cumin can be submitted through these mailing lists:

Questions and comments about Condor can be submitted through these mailing lists:

Cumin FAQ