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Ideas of things for folks to work on:

(Much added duing FudCON HackFest? 08)


  • Minion to Minion communication
  • Cert RFC fixups -- soon
  • ACL list improvements ... (and if someone is really enthusiastic, look at PolicyKit?, though can't require it)
  • (Note we need to support/use EPEL4 stuff, so no crazy new stuff)
  • multiple-overlords/cert-sharing
  • overlord-delegation (for network reasons, but also maybe efficiency.... there's a government app that basically did a tree like fan-out for this).
  • figuring out how to loosen up the permissions of caller (making sure things are accessible by TurboGears? if it opens up a Client() object). Currently it just needs the /etc/pki/func and /var/lib/func stuff.

Module Oriented

  • Write more Modules
    • system-config-* parity
      • can leverage some existing Python code
      • time
      • date
      • network settings
      • vid/mouse settings
    • yum module cleanup / improvements
    • copyfile improvements (tar+copyfile for directories)
    • better file tracking (inotify???)
    • rpm module upgrades and more features
    • rdiff-backup
  • conduit for letting modules call other modules?

Front End(s) and apps using the Func APIs:

  • client side modules for better output of existing modules -- new color output stuff coming soon (?)
  • Turbo Gears GUI for doing batch management -- some design done, very cool idea see FuncWebNotes
  • Text-UI, or not -- we decided the WebUI was a good start for now, but maybe later
  • Group Definitions aliases, save in a config file somewhere? -- alikins is working on this
  • write more python scripts using the API to do interesting things
  • more support for buildbot / mock / make Func a killer build tool
  • more stuff to make Func useful for Fedora infrastructure
  • client side module for system health dashboard kind of thing (disk, temp, all that)


  • wiki cleanup / standardize docs / especially module docs

QA Stuff

  • write more tests

Big Stuff

  • Resurrect the "Remote Rocket Surgery" (RRS) idea for expressing multinode dependency relationships on a network and pushing them out with lots of logging. Use very high level Python to describe config. Write shiny scripts that use it. Network command and control taken to a higher level (with new overlord side modules in addition to Func API)