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Get The Source

Func uses git for source control.

For those folks who do not have git installed, gitweb also supports tarball downloads.

If you would like to contribute a patch/feature (GREAT!), read the manpage for git-format-patch and then send it to the mailing list as an attachment. Be sure to add some other text in your email or mailman might bounce your message (sorry!). Mailing list info here.

If you have any other questions about the code, feel free to ask on IRC (#func on freenode) or the mailing list.

Other git repos

Aside from the main git repo there are other repos available from developers working on func. These may contain in-patches that are not yet applied upstream.

If you would like to use one of the other repos, first git-clone the main repo, and do the following to add another:

git remote add repo_name_goes_here git://path_to_repo_goes_here
git fetch repo_name_goes_here
git checkout -b new_local_branch_name repo_name_goes_here/remote_branch_name

To delete a branch:

git branch -D new_local_branch_name

If you have a git repo for your func changes, let us know. Tracking them here is easier than remembering them :)


  • Certmaster, which is fairly important to Func, has source in a seperate git repo.
  • Gitweb is here