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फ़क़त शब्द मेरा गहना
ब्द ही का लिबास
ब्द मेरा भोज्य, मेरी ज़िंदगी का प्राण
संपदा धन-धान्य जिसे बाँटा करूँ सरेआम. संत तुकाराम *


Native speakers of Hindi account for 41% of the Indian population. As defined in the Constitution, Hindi is the official language of India and is one of the 22 scheduled languages specified in the eighth schedule to the Constitution. Around 500-600 million people speak Hindi and around 70 % of Indian Population understand Hindi in some way. With covering half of Indian geography and with hundreds of dialects have made Hindi langauge as a 'diificult' language to standardize. So the effect of this diversity is spread all over the software translation as well. This is creating a very big usability issue for Hindi desktop users.

FUEL Hindi

Hindi community is a very active localizaion community. Working on localization for more than five years Hindi Community has decided to work on Fuel list and for the purpose it was necessary for all people to meet. For the purpose to work on Fuel Hindi, Red Hat organized an evaluation workshop of Fuel Hindi list that was prepared on the popular and existent norms of Hindi localization community.

FUEL Mobile Hindi

The Hindi community is keen to work on mobile and G. Karunakar has sent one proposed file for the mobile module for Hindi.

FUEL Mobile Hindi - Proposed translation by G. Karunakar

FUEL Mobile Hindi - Proposed translation by Ravi Ratlami

FUEL Desktop Hindi

Initiated and organized by Red Hat at its Pune office on 12-13 July 2008, Fuel Hindi Evaluation Meet sucessfully completed and came with a evaluated Fuel Hindi list of 578 entries. Everything happened according to schedule. Indlinux, Sarai and several important contributors participated in the evaluation meet. In the begining a introduction for explaning FUEL was presented by Rajesh Ranjan. For two full day, all active contributors of Hindi Localization Community with linguists and technical expert sat together to decide a standard replacement for entries that are coming on menu & sub-menus of desktop and applications used very frequentely. The released list contains the current translation with the evaluated one that is going to be used for the repective entries. No doubt, we got great help from the experince of Hindi Review Workshops organized by Sarai and Indlinux during the evaluation of Fuel Hindi.

For picture of Fuel Hindi Evaluation Meet Please visit here:

FUEL Hindi PhotoVoice


Ravikant, Gora Mohanty, Karunakar, Ravi Shankar Srivastava, Debashish, Satish Mohan, Sankarshan, Rajesh Ranjan, I. Felix, Runa B. Ankit Patel, Manoj Giri

FUEL Computer Translation style and convention guide for Hindi

From the very starting of localization of computer in Hindi language, we have felt the need of one style and convention guide, a guidelines which can be treated as a reference point for Hindi language community working for the localization. So it is necessary to collect and compile all the info and given all these informations in form of a guide. A guide is being prepared by Rajesh Ranjan on the basis of discussion on the list from several years and soon it will be uploaded to discuss. Fonts, Collations, Plural Forms, White spaces, Accelerators, Program Syntax, Functions, Tags, Placeholders, Message Length, Numerals, Calender, Honorific Usages, Acronyms, Product/Brand/Company? Name, Keys Name, Abbreviations, Legal Statements, Terminology, Punctuations, Units and Measurements, General Spelling Guidelines, Anusvar and Chandravindu, Use of Nukta, Cardinals & Ordinals, Indeclinable, Hyphen, Glidal ie Shrutimulak 'ya' or 'wa', Basic Quality Parameters etc. are some of the areas that have been tried to cover in this guide. Now we are releasing Beta of the guide.


FUEL Statistics

Word Processor


The Oxford Hindi English Dictionary - R. S. Mc Gregor
Arvind Sahaj Samantar Kosha - Arvind Kumar & Kusum Kumar
Angreji-Hindi Kosha - Father K. Bulcke
Chanber's Angreji-Hindi Kosha - Dr. Suresh Avashti
Urdu Hindi Shabdakosh - Md. Mustfa Khan 'Maddah'
A Dictionary English - Sanskrit - Monier-Williams
Rajpal Hindi Shabdakosh (Hindi-Hindi) - Hardev Bahri
Hindi Shabda Sagar - Nagri Pracharini Sabha
Lokbharti Rajbhasha Sabdakosha (Hindi-English) -Hardev Bahri
Lokbharti Dictionary of Official Language (English-Hindi) -Hardev Bahri


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  • Translated in Hindi by Ravikant ( ravikant AT sarai DOT net )