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Fuel Journey


  1. Fuel : Selection

*Selection of most used applications
*Selection of entries coming in menu/sub-menu of the selected applications
*Sorting of the selected entires in alphabetical order
*Sort out FUEL from the alphabetical list

It is already prepared by the Fuel Team, please download the pot.

  1. Fuel : Translation

*Fuel will be translated according to the popular norms and pattern of respective language communities if the language community has already translated major computer applications.
*If the community just started and need first time translation of these words, so will be tried to put precise, popular, and proper replacement for the English counterpart since words will appear in menu, sub-menu items.
*Commnity where localization already started before, by providing current translation it will be easier to understand the problem of standardization and inconsistency in the languages.

  1. Fuel: Evaluation

*Evaluation can be done by communities and experts
*Translated FUEL will be evaluated by at least 3-4 major community contributors and experts.
*On the basis of evaluation a separate report with translated evaluated FUEL will be prepared for each languages.
*The report will/can work as a guideline for respective language communities as a whole.

  1. Fuel : Implementation

*After evaluation, evaluated FUEL will be available for all.
*Communities/Translators? will/can do translation/modification accordingly in all the applications.
*A 'better' face of l10n will come after the implementation of FUEL.