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Localization Guidelines  of C-DAC cites FUEL

c-dac gist
Localisation Guidelines prepared by C-DAC have the details of all the standard efforts necessary for localisation. It is important to note that C-DAC guidelines cite FUEL not only for Marathi but for all Indian languages.

FUEL in CoE Workshop at Mantralaya, Mumbai, Maharashtra organized by C-DAC

FUEL CoE CDACGovernment of Maharashtra has decided to go with FUEL as one of the linguistic standard for e-Governance. On August 4, 2012; CoE (Center of Excellence) Marathi workshop was organized by C-DAC GIST at Mantralaya, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Here in this workshop, a team of language experts discussed about FUEL-mobile and FUEL-web terminology in Marathi. Team decided to meet at the earliest and finalize them. Towards the end of the workshop, the outcome of discussion with language experts regarding FUEL mobile and web module was delivered to the audience by Chandrakant D and Rajesh Ranjan.

Mr Mahesh Kulkarni

FUEL Became Integral Part of e-Gov Standard @ CoE, Maharashtra Government

"With the idea of giving a push to its e-governance initiative, the Maharashtra Government is now planning to set up a Centre of Excellence for Marathi. The CoE will be set up in technical collaboration with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC). Government of Maharashtra has decided to go with FUEL as one of the linguistic standard(s) for e-Governance. The announcement was made in a CoE Marathi workshop, that was organised by C-DAC GIST at Mantralaya, Mumbai.

We are thankful to Mr Mahesh Kulkarni, C-DAC and Mr Rajesh Agrawal, Govt of Maharashtra!

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FUEL Style and Convention Guide for Assamese released

"This guide covers the translation style, grammatical aspects, technical aspects, writing conventions, glossary and others in brief to help the translators clear their doubts in translation. It has been prepared with reference to translation efforts that has been going on in the open source world. It can also be considered as a ready reckoner for translation."

— Nilamdyuti Goswami

Dowload Assamese Style and Convention Guide pdf odt
More than three years on! 17 languages  are with FUEL. Till now, FUEL had already organised 12 languages workshops for evaluating terminology. Released the beta of Computer Translation Style and Convention Guide for Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Odia. A lot more to do.

Initiated by Red Hat, the project got supports and contributions from several languages communities and various organizations like CDAC GIST, Indlinux, Sarai, CDAC Chennai, Acharya Nagarjuna University, A. N. Sinha Institute of Socail Studies, Maithili Academy, Gujarati Lexicon, Infineon Infotech, NRCFOSS, SICSR, Gnunify, Sahit Academy, PLUG, SMC, to name a few.

We need volunteers to work on different fields of FUEL project. If you want to contribute please contact us.


terms Knowledge Base

KnowledgeBase - We have started a new area where community contribution can create great resources. This credit entirely goes to Ankit Patel and Amanpreet Brar who created Software Localization Life Cycle and Localization Bug Process Work-flow documents. Thanks a lot Ankit and Aman.


Marathi Style and Convention Guide - Chandrakant P. Dhutadmal of CDAC and a Marathi Community Member started working to create Marathi Style Guide. Thank you  Chandrakant!

TukaramTukaram Says*
শব্দয় মোৰ একমাত্ৰ ৰত্ন, শব্দয় মোৰ কাপোৰ, শব্দয় মোক জীৱিত ৰখা একমাত্ৰ খাদ্য, শব্দয় মই বিলাই দিয়া একমাত্ৰ ধন
--  সন্ত তুকাৰাম*

ords are the only jewels I possess,
Words are the only clothes I wear,
Words are the only food that sustains my life,
Words are the only wealth I distribute among people. *   
        *Translated by Dilip Chitre

FUEL Terminology

FUEL Assamese ods  pdf  po

FUEL Bengali India ods  pdf  po

FUEL Gujarati ods pdf po

FUEL Kannada ods  pdf  po

FUEL Hindi ods pdf po

FUEL Maithili ods pdf po

FUEL Malayalam ods pdf po

FUEL Marathi ods pdf po

FUEL Odia ods  pdf  po

FUEL Punjabi ods pdf po

FUEL Tamil ods pdf po

FUEL Telugu ods pdf po

FUEL Style and Convention Guide

Assamese odt pdf
odt, pdf
Gujarati  odt pdf
Punjabi odt pdf
Odia odt pdf

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