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Y2012Q1 # / issue 1 31 March 2012

FUEL Kannada Meet was a huge success

by Shankar Prasad

fuel kannada meet

FUEL Kannada evaluation meet was held on 28th  and 29th January 2012 at Center for Internet and Society (CIS),  Bangalore. This meeting was sponsored by Red Hat and organized by Sanchaya  group. Along with well know television and theater artist Jayalaxmi Patil, members from Banavasi Balaga, Freelance and open source translators, Kanaja Content writer, Linguistics Journalists and FOSS enthusiastics participated in this workshop.

Discussion was quite interesting and at time it was difficult to come to narrow down for a single word. After this event it was evident that the lack of standard terminolgy hindered many to contribute in localization of software and software related stuffs. Post event the response from all corners was pretty good. More people wanted to join their hands in this initiation and want to add more words to this list.

fuel assameseFirst of its kind workshop for Assamese Language

A two day workshop on the standardization of Assamese computing terminologies was held on  January 19-20, 2012 at: Department of Assamese, Biswanath College, Biswanath Chariali, Sonitpur, Assam under the FUEL (Frequently Used Entries for Localization) project. This workshop was sponsored by Red Hat Software Services (India) Private Limited. This workshop is first of its kind wherein discussion amongst professors of Assamese language, linguists, translators and users took place and a consensus was reached upon the final translation of these computing terminologies in Assamese. It was a great experience for me coordinating this event. Rana Prasad Hazarika, Amorjyoti Borthakur, Balin Bhuyan, Khagen Saikia, Aparna Saikia were among the professors who took part in the event and contributed towards the successful completion of the event

by Nilamdyuti Goswami
First standardized computing terminology for Odia

by Manoj Kumar Giri

A two-day workshop on the standardization of Odia computing terminologies was  organized on January 26th-27th  2012 at Srujanika, Bhubaneswar. The workshop was hosted and sponsored by Srujanika & Red Hat. At this occasion Dr. Nikhil Mohan Pattnaik gave the inaugural speech for the FUEL Odia Meet.  He emphasized on the need to select those types of words that can give the end-user a smooth feeling in using a computer in their native language. He added that with this type of community review is the need of the hour.  I also presented on the Odia effort related to FUEL  project. In this meet, linguists, translators, technical persons, and users were invited to participate, and there were more than 25 participants. FUEL Odia Evaluation meet was a concrete move towards solving the problem and the group standardized translation of entries in Odia language for the first time.
More than three years on! 16 languages  are with FUEL. Till now, FUEL had already organised 11 languages workshops for evaluating terminology. Released the beta of Computer Translation Style and Convention Guide for Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Odia. A lot more to do.

Initiated by Red Hat, the project got supports and contributions from several languages communities and various organizations like CDAC GIST, Indlinux, Sarai, CDAC Chennai, Acharya Nagarjuna University, A. N. Sinha Institute of Socail Studies, Maithili Academy, Gujarati Lexicon, Infineon Infotech, NRCFOSS, SICSR, Gnunify, Sahit Academy, PLUG, SMC, to name a few.

We need volunteers to work on different fields of FUEL project. If you want to contribute please contact us.


termsTranslation Style & Convention Guide for three languages released — Odia, Punjabi, and Gujarati.

After releasing Hindi Translation Style and Convention guide, some language community started working with FUEL on the style guide project for their languages.

Gujarati, Punjabi, and Odia community planned to work. Sweta from Gujarai, Jaswinder Singh from Punjabi and Manoj Kumar Giri from Oriya worked hard to create the style guide. These style guides are first translation style guide prepared for these languages in free content zone.

TukaramTukaram Says*
শব্দয় মোৰ একমাত্ৰ ৰত্ন, শব্দয় মোৰ কাপোৰ, শব্দয় মোক জীৱিত ৰখা একমাত্ৰ খাদ্য, শব্দয় মই বিলাই দিয়া একমাত্ৰ ধন
--  সন্ত তুকাৰাম*

ords are the only jewels I possess,
Words are the only clothes I wear,
Words are the only food that sustains my life,
Words are the only wealth I distribute among people. *   
        *Translated by Dilip Chitre

FUEL Terminology

FUEL Assamese ods  pdf  po

FUEL Gujarati ods pdf po

FUEL Kannada ods  pdf  po

FUEL Hindi ods pdf po

FUEL Maithili ods pdf po

FUEL Malayalam ods pdf po

FUEL Marathi ods pdf po

FUEL Odia ods  pdf  po

FUEL Punjabi ods pdf po

FUEL Tamil ods pdf po

FUEL Telugu ods pdf po

FUEL Style and Convention Guide

Hindi (Beta) odt, pdf
Gujarati (Beta) odt pdf
Punjabi (Beta) odt pdf
Odia (Beta) odt pdf

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