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Funding requests

Please READ THIS PAGE before you apply for a travel subsidy, especially the area on listing goals. Lots of people apply for travel subsidies, and the funding is not unlimited. It's easier to grant requests to people who can clearly explain how they'll use the opportunity.

Applying for a travel subsidy

We know not everyone is able to afford a complete trip to FUDCon every year. We want to make sure that contributors are able to make ends meet while attending FUDCon events. So we offer a generous pool of travel subsidies to help bring the journey to FUDCon within reach for more people.

We can't fully fund every request, because we do operate on a limited budget. But we can't fund yours if we don't know you have a need -- so if you do, fill out a request and we'll get in touch with you about it.

Listing your goals

Remember to be specific about your goals for the event. Tell us what you're going to accomplish by being at FUDCon. Preference is given to people who are coming to FUDCon with a goal to make Fedora better, and a plan for doing it.

Simply "meeting with people" or "talking about ways to do something" are not specific to FUDCon. Ideas can be discussed on mailing lists, after all. And although meeting face to face is a wonderful thing, that doesn't necessarily result in getting anything done.

  • Not specific: Meet with other people from JKL SIG.
  • Not specific: Improve communication between Team X and Team Y.
  • Specific: Write a working module for Web App Q that creates a service queue for Team X to do Task Z more efficiently.
  • Specific: Agree on and publish a complete plan, schedule, and milestones for Project W.

How decisions are made

The process of awarding subsidies is documented here on the Fedora wiki. This documentation was created during the Events FAD 2010.

How to apply

The following events are open for applications:

  • FUDCon Pune 2015
  • FUDCon Córdoba 2015

Please do not apply for events that are not yet open.

To apply for a travel subsidy, just login to this Trac instance (using your FAS username), then fill out this ticket with the requested information.

How subsidies work

Airfare and travel fares

You should purchase your airfare or travel fare directly and then use the receipt for reimbursement. This is the preferred method. If that is not at all possible, someone can buy the ticket on behalf of you. The project cannot send a cash advance.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the fudcon-planning mailing list to ask them. The organizers are happy to hear from you and help wherever they can.

Please provide the information found on this Fedora wiki page to the organizers. We recommend that you provide the information directly via email, and that you don't enter it in the wiki.


Whether you get a travel subsidy or not, you generally need to secure your own accommodations. A link should be provided on the FUDCon wiki page for your event. If rooms are double occupancy, we ask that you find a roommate who is subsidized. This makes both your stay and our bookkeeping easier. Your hotel bill will be paid at checkout time, and organizers will confirm this with you both before and at the event.