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Fedora Freemedia

The Fedora Freemedia Trac instance provides a web front end to the Fedora Freemedia Team's Ticketing system.

Fedora Free Media Program is a volunteer initiative under Fedora Distribution Project that aims to distribute Fedora Media (DVDs/CDs)
for free to individuals who can't afford to buy or download. Local Fedora Ambassadors or Contributors are invited to participate.

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For Contributors

The detailed workflow is given here.

Accepting Valid Tickets

  • Now Accept the ticket from the "Action" field at the bottom, and press the "Submit Changes" button.
  • When You ship the request, please go to the ticket again, go to "resolve as:" from the "Action" field and select "Fixed" and then press "Submit Changes".
  • If an accepted ticket is not finalised by the end of the month, is should be closed with "shipping status unknown" in a comment


If you have any query, please mail to "susmit AT fedoraproject DOT org"

Quick Statistics
Number of Media given to Requests: 6061
Number of Assigned Tickets: 34
Number of Unassigned Tickets: 6376
Total Number of Tickets on Freemedia Trac: 33505

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