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FreeIPA: The Documentation Side

FreeIPA is a way to create identity stores, centralized authentication, domain control for Kerberos and DNS services, and authorization policies -- all on Linux. While centralized identity/policy/authorization software is hardly new, there simply didn't exist an alternative for Linux-only or Linux-controlled domains until the advent of FreeIPA. FreeIPA provides a unifying skin for standards-defined, common network services, including PAM, LDAP, Kerberos, DNS, NTP, and certificate services, and it allows Fedora and RHEL systems to serve as the domain controllers.

The details are all at the FreeIPA project site,

So, what's this wiki for? This is for the documentation associated with FreeIPA, the Fedora project that has been creatively named "freeipa-guide."

Planning & Development


For actual technical information, there are other resources:

  • #freeipa on Freenode
  • #dogtag-pki on Freenode
  • #389 on Freenode
  • freeipa-users@…, an open mailing list
  • #fedora-docs (for general documentation, style, and publican issues)

Many thanks to Ella Deon Lackey for writing the first version of the FreeIPA guide.