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New developers are always welcome to join the project. If you wish to join and become a long-term contributor, we ask that you introduce yourself and outline what you are planning to work on (if you have concrete plans).

Get the source

You can access the fldigi source code using GIT. Familiarity with GIT is useful but not required. If you would rather not use GIT, you could simply fetch a source tarball and send us patches (see below); we would be happy to commit changes on your behalf, with full credit.

How to contribute

Fldigi is Free Software; see the License page for details. We have a future development outline, but all useful contributions under GPL-compatible terms are eagerly accepted.

Patches can be sent to the fldigi-devel mailing list or directly to the developers, or can be attached to a ticket. If you use the latter method, please mention "patch" in the Keywords field. Patches should always be in unified diff format, preferably taken against the GIT master branch.

Mailing lists

If you are interested in fldigi development you may want to subscribe to some of our mailing lists, e.g., fldigi-devel and fldigi-alpha.