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provenpackager request - denisarnaud

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Denis Arnaud:


  • As I spend most of my spare time maintaining my own open source projects, and packaging them into Fedora, I did not have that much time to review a lot of packages myself. However, whenever I can, I strive to help in a few reviews, especially the ones related to C++ or Python languages, as well as related to the scientific (in particular, operations research, mathematics and physics), GIS or image handling arenas. For instance, I helped dis-embedding and packaging TCLAP from Hugin: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=683591
  • I have been practicing the guidelines for a while and, as an upstream developer, I now have a pretty good knowledge and practice of:
    • the build frameworks (e.g., GNU Autotools and CMake, but also some SCons, Ant, Maven, Ivy and Rake);
    • a few programming languages (C++ and Python, JavaScript and PHP, but also some Java, Ruby and Haskell);
    • documentation processes (Doxygen, JavaDoc, Latex);
    • testing frameworks (CruiseControl, Hudson/Jenkins?, Boost Unit Test framework);
    • project management frameworks (Trac and Redmine);
    • delivery and deployment infrastructures (Heroku, Google App. Engine, Eucalyptus, Amazon);
    • "alien" packaging processes (Debian).


  • And, every time Boost is upgraded, numerous Fedora packages have to be rebuilt, and some have even to be patched, in order to follow the new Boost API. Some older APIs are constantly deprecated, as for instance with Boost.Filesystem v2.
  • As both my co-maintainers (Petr Machata, a.k.a pmachata, and Deji Akingunola, a.k.a. deji) are not proven-packagers themselves, we have to file bug reports/rel-eng tickets every time for all the packages which are depending on Boost. An example of such procedure is explained by Petr in that message. Being a proven-packager myself would allow me to participate more actively to the Boost upgrade process, and to make it smoother for all the maintainers of those packages.
  • I would not use my proven packager privileges (in other words, I do not intend) to update packages out of the above-detailed scope. I am already kept very busy with all that activity, without having to interfere with technologies with which I am less at ease.
  • I copy Petr, so as to suggest that he also applies to become a proven packager :)

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Sent to list for feedback.

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+1 from me, too.

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Given +2 here and +1 in e-mail, you've been sponsored into provenpackager. Have fun!

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I am conscious that I give me more responsibility than rights... but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

Many thanks!

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