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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created Modified
#1576 Evaluate Workstation graphical upgrade Change status task new 04/29/16 05/02/16
#1555 Please clarify updates policy for security issues general new 03/02/16 04/29/16
#1444 updates deliverables task dgilmore new 05/19/15 04/29/16
#1566 Review of release blocking deliverables for F24 task new 04/13/16 04/26/16
#1570 F24 Changes not in ON_QA status (<100% completed) task new 04/20/16 04/29/16
#1571 need guideance of what exactly needs to be built from source for Fedora Media Writer task new 04/20/16 04/28/16
#1574 F25 System Wide Change: Removing Perl from Build Root task new 04/22/16 04/22/16
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