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#246 " Viewing 1 of 1 packafe in search results" johnp defect blocker Widgets
#77 "Fedora Community" banner too wide for 1024x768 & subtext hard to read duffy defect minor Style
#148 "Latest Rawhide Build" and "Owners" bubbles need to be themed duffy defect blocker Style
#265 "My Packages" alerts are a lie? johnp defect critical Widgets
#254 "Packages spot Owns" Widget takes a *long* time to load defect critical Widgets
#72 "Quick links" widget in right sidebar of "Packages" page displays incorrectly defect minor Widgets
#91 "Read more" in place expansion in planet widget confusing defect minor Widgets
#279 "Sorry, we couldn't find that file" defect minor Core
#166 "Your Packages" - own or maintain? duffy defect major Widgets
#273 "unpushed updates" terminology defect minor Widgets
#126 "view more" in planet expander adds newline duffy defect major Widgets
#137 'packages i maintain' title in right sidebar kind of broken in my profile page duffy defect major Style
#40 APP: fedoracommunity.builds/changelog_table johnp enhancement major core
#42 APP: fedoracommunity.packages/acl_table johnp enhancement major core
#35 APP: fedoracommunity.packages/info johnp enhancement major core
#37 APP: fedoracommunity.packages/owners johnp enhancement major core
#43 APP: fedoracommunity.packages/package/bugs lmacken enhancement major core
#27 APP: fedoracommunity.packages/table johnp enhancement major core
#26 APP: fedoracommunity.updates/table lmacken enhancement major core
#124 Add a bugzilla link to our package extension points task major Extension Points
#235 Add release filters to updates grid. johnp task major Widgets
#242 Alerts app does not show spinner while it is loading data johnp defect blocker Widgets
#81 All Package Maintenance > Updates page - right sidebar cut off by footer defect major Widgets
#84 All package maintenance lists missing release filter johnp defect blocker Widgets
#253 Auth traceback when session times out? defect critical Core
#234 Bad URL reference page johnp defect blocker Widgets
#65 Broken image link(s) johnp defect major Style
#80 Broken link: User profiles don't load (for users other than yourself) defect minor Widgets
#241 Broken links in updates lmacken defect blocker Widgets
#123 Build extension point not working for updates grids. defect major Connectors
#233 Builds > All Packages links yield empty results when logged in johnp defect blocker Widgets
#106 Builds list should contain version-release defect major Widgets
#56 CONTAINER APP: fedoracommunity.builds johnp enhancement major core
#55 CONTAINER APP: fedoracommunity.builds/overview johnp enhancement major core
#46 CONTAINER APP: fedoracommunity.overviewresource johnp enhancement major core
#53 CONTAINER APP: fedoracommunity.packages johnp enhancement major core
#54 CONTAINER APP: fedoracommunity.packages/maintainers johnp enhancement major core
#48 CONTAINER APP: fedoracommunity.people/memberships johnp enhancement major core
#49 CONTAINER APP: fedoracommunity.people/package_maintenance johnp enhancement major core
#58 CONTAINER APP: fedoracommunity.updates johnp enhancement major core
#105 CSRF token incorrectly appended to search query string johnp defect major Core
#281 CSS errors duffy defect minor Style
#282 Cache our planet feed in Beaker, along with our Moksha feed cache lmacken defect minor Widgets
#67 Can't display SSH key in user profiles lmacken defect major Widgets
#261 Clicking on my name takes me to a broken link johnp defect blocker Widgets
#66 Don't display pagination controls for widgets that only have one page of data to display defect minor Widgets
#36 EXT POINT: latest_fedora_build johnp enhancement major core
#70 Full-screen version of the "Login" page is ugly defect major Widgets
#63 Gaps in Panel Widgets defect minor Widgets
#64 Grid Empty Dataset Handling johnp defect blocker Widgets
#68 Group Membership lists empty for user who is a member of several groups defect major Widgets
#71 Hackergotchis not displayed on user profile pages defect major Widgets
#240 Handling bad packages johnp defect blocker Widgets
#170 IRC network info not displayed with user irc nick in profiles duffy defect minor Widgets
#346 IXlCoMl enhancement blocker Connectors __future__
#98 If not logged in, clicking on link for a user in package lists brings you nowhere defect major Widgets
#133 Live clocks need some CSS love duffy task major Style
#275 Logged out but with indication I'm logged in defect minor Core
#21 Make ellipses in list pager clickable johnp enhancement major core
#250 Memberships Sidebar Extremely Thin duffy defect major Style
#268 Missing group memberships defect major Widgets
#177 New updates list format needs some design help. lmacken task blocker Widgets
#276 On the updates page, add a column that says where unpushed updates are set to be pushed to defect minor Widgets
#79 Only 5 items displayed in people list at a time defect minor Widgets
#267 Open a bug report for other releases, not only for rawhide enhancement major Widgets
#107 Overview - latest builds and latest (stable & testing) updates tables missing dropdown filter box defect major Widgets
#189 Package Details "Active Releases Overview" doesn't match mockup... lmacken defect blocker Widgets
#121 Package Details > Maintainers doesn't match mockup johnp defect blocker Widgets
#227 Package Maintenance > Updates > All Packages > Overview: dashboard counts are all 0, incorrect lmacken defect blocker Widgets
#73 Package Pages missing titles johnp defect blocker Widgets
#83 Pagination controls shouldn't be displayed for builds overview widgets defect minor Widgets
#135 Pagination on Maintainers list is broke johnp defect major Connectors
#252 Pagination on the My Profile->Package Maintenance->Packages Owned grid is broken johnp defect major Widgets
#104 Populate owners in the maintainers list defect major Widgets
#129 Profile blog widget needs some CSS help duffy defect major Style
#260 Profile timzone incorrect? defect major Widgets
#88 Quicklinks do not contain CSRF token johnp defect major Core
#237 Remove obsolete releases from My Profile -> Package Maintenance -> Packages grids task trivial Widgets
#230 Right Alerts Sidebar: links don't point to correct pages defect major Widgets
#229 Right Quicklinks Sidebar: view my profile link doesn't work defect major Widgets
#78 Search results not in alphabetical order defect minor Widgets
#89 Selected tab hangs lower than tab bar... duffy defect major Style
#90 Sidebar background taller than rounded corners duffy defect major Style
#103 Some apps not working properly with alternate mount point defect major Core
#266 Some downloads are missing defect major Widgets
#86 Some package pages navigation is missing defect major Widgets
#38 TEMPLATE: Package resource links johnp enhancement major core
#258 The 'All Packages' widget spins blocks other widgets... defect major Widgets
#251 The links in the Tasks widget are broke johnp defect blocker Widgets
#92 Traceback on Package overview defect major Widgets
#76 Typo in tab name - Package Maintenance defect minor Widgets
#231 Updates dropdown extension doesn't work with multi-build updates lmacken defect blocker Widgets
#75 Updates list grids - version numbers and release names don't line up defect major Widgets
#82 Updates pages: right nav highlighting broken defect major Widgets
#280 Various javascript errors from firefox error console johnp defect major Core
#25 WIDGET: BodhiPushControlWidget lmacken enhancement major core
#34 WIDGET: QuickLinksWidget johnp defect major core
#69 Weird spacing issue with alerts widget on "My Profile" pages duffy defect minor Widgets
#255 _csrf_token unexpected token to call_get_latest_changelog defect major Connectors
#117 active releases widget does not match mockups defect major Widgets
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