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#248 New Fedora.next website General Fedora 21 task webmaster new 01/27/14
#73 Fedora distribution related information on the fedora website get.fp.o defect sijis new 12/21/11
#190 incorrect language auto-selection by Accept-Language header on fp.o General Fedora 19 defect shaiton new 03/11/13
#164 http://fedoraproject.org/using/ "Too old usage" www.fp.o Production Fedora 21 defect webmaster new 01/14/13
#25 Firefox font preferences for arabic are not respected on fedoraproject.org General defect webmaster new 07/04/10
#79 Validate website with w3c validator General defect asrob reopened 02/16/12
#91 fedorahosted could use a redesign General defect webmaster new 03/13/12
#112 improve docs integration General defect webmaster new 05/29/12
#193 fudcon websites is badly designed General defect webmaster new 03/13/13
#208 Create new tmp/ directory in websites root tree General defect webmaster new 06/27/13
#211 EC2 AMI listing does not render in Firefox 3.6.14 www.fp.o defect webmaster new 07/02/13
#220 add "Fedora in Other Cloud Providers" to bottom of get.cloud page General defect webmaster new 07/22/13
#246 fedora.css sets a universal scaling factor of 76%, which is much too small General defect webmaster new 01/18/14
#256 Page empty General defect webmaster new 03/23/14
#29 fedora hosted new project rss feed General enhancement new 09/29/10
#80 Change the transifex pull command to pull only reviewed strings General enhancement shaiton new 02/16/12
#88 Add link to signature just next to link to installation media get.fp.o enhancement webmaster new 03/05/12
#129 Some links are i686 while others are i386. Consistency update? General enhancement webmaster new 09/18/12
#230 drop unmaintained dynamic content from www.fp.o www.fp.o enhancement webmaster new 09/16/13
#233 Fedora Website Team Introductory Video General enhancement webmaster new 10/15/13
#219 Create a link checker script General ASAP enhancement janeznemanic assigned 07/14/13
#241 Change docs link to redirected one to prevent hard release number usage General ASAP enhancement webmaster new 12/17/13
#99 refresh fpo quotes General Fedora 17 defect webmaster new 04/06/12
#100 Fedoraproject.org banner (not being dynamic) problem www.fp.o Production Fedora 17 defect webmaster new 04/19/12
#199 Make concurrent build working again && enable on build sys General Fedora 19 defect shaiton new 04/12/13
#141 Auto-hide the download Alpha button after few days General Fedora 19 enhancement webmaster new 10/31/12
#142 grab the release date automatically www.fp.o Fedora 19 enhancement shaiton new 11/05/12
#209 use geolocation to pick default ec2 region on getfedora page General Fedora 20 enhancement webmaster new 06/27/13
#214 Adding Open Graph metadata General Fedora 20 enhancement webmaster new 07/03/13
#236 make prominent verify checksums under the DL splashscreen General Fedora 20 enhancement shaiton assigned 10/31/13
#14 add Extension:CategoryTree for MediaWiki fedoraproject.org Fedora Planet defect hiemanshu new 02/05/10
#95 Improve in fpo the release specific variables config file General defect webmaster new 03/27/12
#55 Website footers do not adequately address content licensing www.fp.o enhancement hiemanshu new 06/04/11
#97 Improve moving from alpha to beta (adding counter) General enhancement new 03/31/12
#145 Remove redirect rule to Design and Electronic-Lab Spins spins.fp.o enhancement webmaster new 11/25/12
#244 Create system for automated screenshots capture General enhancement webmaster new 01/03/14
#247 wiki: don't use captcha for verified contributors General enhancement chrisroberts new 01/20/14
#109 Request to add fedora-it.org website to fedoracommunity.org (EMEA area) fcomm.o task sagitter new 05/23/12
#234 make click-to-launch-in-EC2 button something that we can log get.fp.o ASAP enhancement webmaster new 10/15/13
#243 [PATCH] Modify the "our apps" link to point to apps.fp.o/packages rather than pkgdb www.fp.o ASAP enhancement webmaster new 12/29/13
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