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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#304 Create new pre-release pages for getfedora.org getfedora ASAP task webmaster new 01/15/15
#305 Create F22 pre-release pages on spins.fpo spins.fp.o ASAP task webmaster new 01/15/15
#274 UEFI consistency warning get.fp.o Fedora 21 enhancement webmaster new 09/27/14
#91 fedorahosted could use a redesign General defect webmaster new 03/13/12
#293 Some websites still use fedoraproject.org files General defect webmaster new 12/12/14
#303 Mark up website with Schema for better appearance in search General defect webmaster new 01/10/15
#29 fedora hosted new project rss feed General enhancement new 09/29/10
#233 Fedora Website Team Introductory Video General enhancement webmaster new 10/15/13
#269 redirect all sites to https General enhancement webmaster new 08/07/14
#310 Update Fedora Websites wiki and docs General task webmaster new 02/16/15
#300 fedorapeople.org shows copyright year as 2011 General ASAP defect webmaster new 01/02/15
#219 Create a link checker script General ASAP enhancement janeznemanic assigned 07/14/13
#241 Change docs link to redirected one to prevent hard release number usage General ASAP enhancement webmaster new 12/17/13
#307 start.fp.o does not instruct the browser to avoid caching the page start.fp.o ASAP enhancement webmaster new 01/30/15
#209 use geolocation to pick default ec2 region on getfedora page General Fedora 20 enhancement webmaster new 06/27/13
#214 Adding Open Graph metadata General Fedora 20 enhancement webmaster new 07/03/13
#193 fudcon websites is badly designed General Fedora 22 defect webmaster new 03/13/13
#276 New release counter for fedora.next websites get.fp.o Fedora 22 enhancement webmaster new 10/13/14
#55 Website footers do not adequately address content licensing www.fp.o enhancement hiemanshu new 06/04/11
#145 Remove redirect rule to Design and Electronic-Lab Spins spins.fp.o enhancement webmaster new 11/25/12
#244 Create system for automated screenshots capture General enhancement webmaster new 01/03/14
#247 wiki: don't use captcha for verified contributors General enhancement chrisroberts new 01/20/14
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