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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#303 Mark up website with Schema for better appearance in search General defect webmaster new 01/10/15
#314 fedoraproject.org thinks that I'm living in Swiss, why? General defect webmaster new 03/14/15
#333 The key info box for the Fedora 23 secondary key is too small for the new, longer user IDs on https://getfedora.org/keys/ General defect webmaster new 06/04/15
#363 arm download and verify page group images differently arm.fp.o defect new 11/15/15
#366 cloud/atomic: Installer ISO should be more prominent General defect webmaster new 12/08/15
#373 Mention rawhide on getfedora.org General defect webmaster new 02/16/16
#233 Fedora Website Team Introductory Video General enhancement webmaster new 10/15/13
#219 Create a link checker script General ASAP enhancement pfrields new 07/14/13
#370 Add social feeds to flocktofedora site General ASAP enhancement webmaster new 01/21/16
#209 use geolocation to pick default ec2 region on getfedora page General Fedora 20 enhancement webmaster new 06/27/13
#214 Adding Open Graph metadata General Fedora 20 enhancement webmaster new 07/03/13
#276 New release counter for fedora.next websites get.fp.o Fedora 23 enhancement webmaster new 10/13/14
#414 Instructions for Workstation download on Linux talk about media creator getfedora Fedora 25 defect pfrields new 11/17/16
#379 Footer floating on Schedule Page? General defect webmaster new 02/25/16
#347 "Download" button on https://getfedora.org/en/cloud/ doesn't call out possibility of direct launch getfedora Fedora 23 enhancement webmaster new 08/19/15
#362 Link to Release Announcement on getfedora.org General Fedora 24 enhancement webmaster new 11/11/15
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