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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#99 refresh fpo quotes new webmaster defect major Fedora 17
#141 Auto-hide the download Alpha button after few days new webmaster enhancement major Fedora 19
#190 incorrect language auto-selection by Accept-Language header on fp.o new shaiton defect critical Fedora 19
#199 Make concurrent build working again && enable on build sys new shaiton defect major Fedora 19
#209 use geolocation to pick default ec2 region on getfedora page new webmaster enhancement major Fedora 20
#214 Adding Open Graph metadata new webmaster enhancement major Fedora 20
#236 make prominent verify checksums under the DL splashscreen assigned shaiton enhancement major Fedora 20
#219 Create a link checker script assigned janeznemanic enhancement major ASAP
#241 Change docs link to redirected one to prevent hard release number usage new webmaster enhancement major ASAP
#248 New website new webmaster task blocker Fedora 21
#25 Firefox font preferences for arabic are not respected on new webmaster defect major
#29 fedora hosted new project rss feed new enhancement major
#79 Validate website with w3c validator reopened asrob defect major
#80 Change the transifex pull command to pull only reviewed strings new shaiton enhancement major
#91 fedorahosted could use a redesign new webmaster defect major
#95 Improve in fpo the release specific variables config file new webmaster defect minor
#97 Improve moving from alpha to beta (adding counter) new enhancement minor
#112 improve docs integration new webmaster defect major
#129 Some links are i686 while others are i386. Consistency update? new webmaster enhancement major
#193 fudcon websites is badly designed new webmaster defect major
#208 Create new tmp/ directory in websites root tree new webmaster defect major
#220 add "Fedora in Other Cloud Providers" to bottom of page new webmaster defect major
#233 Fedora Website Team Introductory Video new webmaster enhancement major
#244 Create system for automated screenshots capture new webmaster enhancement minor
#246 fedora.css sets a universal scaling factor of 76%, which is much too small new webmaster defect major
#247 wiki: don't use captcha for verified contributors new chrisroberts enhancement minor
#256 Page empty new webmaster defect major
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