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Fedora Test Day - SSSD by Default

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This ticket is intended to track efforts to host a Test Day for the Fedora 13 feature Features/SSSDByDefault.

A test day for SSSD was held during Fedora 11 (see Test_Day:2009-04-30_SSSD).

<sgallagh> | jlaska: Yeah, I think I'd like to basically re-run the original
test day, with a few modifications (like the fact that we now have a GUI setup
tool built into authconfig)
<sgallagh> | jlaska: I'd like to put more emphasis on people trying out the
SSSD against their existing infrastructures, though
<sgallagh> | I think it'll do a better job of putting it through its paces
that way.

Test case suggestions

  • Test configuring SSSD from firstboot, system-config-authentication and authconfig
  • Auth/Info? configuration scenarios ...
    local kerberos LDAP
    User Info local   NA NA
    LDAP NA    
  • Tests to perform under each configuration
    • id, passwd, getent, finger
    • login, ssh (rsh, rlogin)
    • screensaver unlocking

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Spoke with Stephen on IRC and we settled in on 2010-02-23 (Tues) for the test day. Part of the test day will include testing the updated authconfig ui. This means firstboot will be needed, which likely means that the installer will need to be in good enough shape for most testers. The 2010-02-23 date should allow use of the Alpha RC images (excluding any release slips). Rawhide nightly live images may also be used for system installation.

Next steps:

  • jlaska will use the F-11 SSSD test day page as a template for the new event
  • When revised authconfig UI is completed, sgallagh will work with QA to identify new test cases

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I drafted a new wiki page using the previous as a template (see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2010-02-23_SSSDByDefault).

Stephen, can you advise ...

  • testing - should we reuse the previous test cases? Can you help outline new test scenarios?
  • infrastructure - do you need any services hosted by the infrastructure team for this event?
  • <other good ideas> - anything else you can think of to make this a successful event?

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comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by jlaska

After discussion w/ sgallagh, the event has been moved to 2010-03-04 to allow time for the UI changes to settle down. The wiki page has been updated.

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Status update ...

  • After a slight delay, I am now migrating test cases into the wiki and will link to them from the wiki page
  • sgallagh plans to reach out to jhrozek regarding the test scripts used for the first SSSD test day
  • smooge (infrastructure) has setup publictest9 with kerberos-server and 389 and provided root access to create user accounts.

Next step ...

  • [jlaska] - complete wikifying test cases
  • [tmraz] - provide update on pending UI changes
  • [sgallagh] - add initial user data to test krb+ldap servers

comment:10 Changed 7 years ago by jlaska

I've created the following test case ... https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_SSSD_LDAP_Identity_and_LDAP_Auth_-_Offline_and_Cache_testing


  1. The setup steps defined in tcms.engineering.rh.com will be documented on the main Test Day SSSD page. These will reference the kerberos and LDAP servers setup for the test day in Fedora infrastructure.

Questions for jgalipea ...

  1. Do the sub-sections in the test apply to other auth/ident mechanisms? Meaning, is there value in creating the sub-sections as tests that can apply to other auth/ident methods?
  2. Can you define what is a "network resource"?

comment:11 Changed 7 years ago by jlaska

Please note, the 2010-03-04 SSSD test day will need to be postponed. Sgallagh had a few suggested dates, possibly using a Tuesday slot to host the event prior to Beta freeze.

comment:12 Changed 7 years ago by jgalipea

Hi James: As for the GUI test cases, I haven't forgot. I am somewhat busy testing the MITM NSS security fixes with Directory Server. However, currently the use cases and UI flows are documented here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Design/SSSD#Mockups. I apologize for the delay! Jenny

comment:13 Changed 7 years ago by jlaska

Rescheduled for March 30, 2010. I have moved the wiki page accordingly (Test_Day:2010-03-30_SSSDByDefault).

Remaining tasks include:

  • Complete SSSD test case migration (jlaska)
  • Propose GUI test cases (jgalipea)
  • Build (or link to existing) live images for test day (jlaska)
  • Pre-populate krb+ldap servers with data (sgallagh)

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Test summary sent to test-announce@… (see http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/test-announce/2010-April/000064.html). Closing ticket. Thanks all!

Feel free to contribute your thoughts to the F13 QA retrospective. Tell us what worked, what didn't, and any ideas you have for improving test days.

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