21:56 Ticket #1710 (Verify Mirror Space) closed by smooge
fixed: Disk space on local mirrors is good for both F-12 beta and F12 release.
09:41 Ticket #1732 (Special html symbols should be excaped in PackageReviewStatus) created by atorkhov
In pages like http://fedoraproject.org/PackageReviewStatus/NEW.html


23:53 Ticket #1707 (Hosting request for Entente) closed by kad
fixed: Ok, git it is then: FAS group: gitentente FAS group owner: josemm GIT …


22:51 Ticket #1731 ([Usability tweak] "watch"/"unwatch" on Wiki pages could be changed to "not ...) created by tch
Since this button on wiki page acts as a switch, it might be more …
22:31 Ticket #1730 (two new git repos for existing project augeas) created by lutter
Please create two new git repositories; they are used as part of the …
19:20 Ticket #1729 (Unable to veiw wide content on wiki pages with lower resolution screens) created by rharrison
= phenomenon = When viewing pages on the Fedora wiki it isn't possible to …


19:15 Ticket #1728 (Rename project mrg-grid to grid) created by matt
Please rename the mrg-grid project (https://fedorahosted.org/mrg-grid/) to …
18:59 Ticket #1727 (Project Request for Thincrust) created by bkearney
Project name: Project short summary: Thincrust - Appliance tooling SCM …
05:15 Ticket #1726 (Request for hosting: auto-mass-check) closed by nigelj
fixed: Done! FAS: gitamc GIT: * git://git.fedorahosted.org/git/amc.git * …
02:04 Ticket #1726 (Request for hosting: auto-mass-check) created by nb
Project name: auto-mass-check Project short summary: Automatic mass-check …


21:28 Changeset [c903712] by Sijis Aviles <sijis@…>
mastersuppress error on blank form submission and added form validation logic …
13:45 Ticket #1725 (fedora.mirror.facebook.com out-of-date) created by mdomsch
= phenomenon = https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=527577
01:46 Ticket #1724 (Renaming request of project maker-dialog to MakerDialog) created by dchen
= reason = It looks like A-B package usually mean A is main package and B …
00:30 Ticket #1532 (Ownership of orphaned project Amber) closed by toshio
fixed: I believe this is done but we never closed it. mbacovsk has commit access …


23:27 Ticket #1723 (talk.fedoraproject.org needs more content) created by pfrields
This ticket is filed for use in the upcoming …


22:32 Ticket #1722 (information about moving 389 to fedorahosted) created by rmeggins
We currently host our port389.org wiki and file server. Our servers are …
21:35 Ticket #1721 (Request to tag packages for F-12 (FEL related)) closed by mmcgrath
duplicate: These requests should go to rel-eng. I've opened it for you at ticket …
21:15 Ticket #1721 (Request to tag packages for F-12 (FEL related)) created by chitlesh
= Change Requested = Request to tag the following packages for F-12 …
18:55 Ticket #1720 (NM VPN plugins tag request) created by dcbw
Tag request for rebuilds of the NM vpn plugins against F12 NM rebuild …
15:38 Ticket #1719 (MM hotfix: crawler incorrectly creating dir entries for not up-to-date ...) created by mdomsch
= phenomenon = nb reported that running report_mirror would report …
14:22 Ticket #1622 (Hotfix for smolt) closed by mmcgrath
fixed: this is now removed and smolt has been upgrade.
14:16 Ticket #1583 (space for nightly spins on secondary1) closed by mmcgrath
fixed: I think this is all done.
14:15 Ticket #1604 (/mnt/koji is filling up) closed by mmcgrath
fixed: We are back down to 82%. I'll open another ticket if we hit 85% again. …
14:14 Ticket #1093 (Enable to accept revision propchanges for APLAWS repository) closed by mmcgrath
wontfix: Closing ticket. Please re-open if you still need this.
14:13 Ticket #1718 ("Not found" page when logging in for comments to the blogs site) created by nicubunu
1. go to an existing blog, like …
14:13 Ticket #1554 (Hosting solution for Test Images) closed by mmcgrath
fixed: I think this is all set, we have two places for hosting this content now. …
14:12 Ticket #1629 (RfR: AMQP Brokers) closed by mmcgrath
fixed: These are in place, firewall rules (in staging) are ready. We just need …
14:11 Ticket #1664 (request of "Test_Results" name space) closed by mmcgrath
fixed: Sounds like all is well. I'll close this ticket. If we need to open it …
14:09 Ticket #752 (ssh session timeout on cvs.fedora is kinda short) closed by mmcgrath
fixed: I've been using ServerAliveInterval? for some time with much success. …
13:02 Ticket #326 (Traffic statistics per URL for Smolt) closed by mmcgrath
invalid: closing
00:52 Changeset [1f4539c] by Sijis Aviles <sijis@…>
masterupdated with what was in puppet repo


21:15 Ticket #1173 (people1 -> noc1 communication) closed by akistler
fixed: The ports are configured as open in puppet …
20:55 Ticket #1706 (Requesting new GIT repo for deltacloud/driver-rackspace and ...) closed by notting
fixed: Done.
20:28 Ticket #1716 (Hosting request for DumpET) closed by notting
fixed: Done.
20:11 Ticket #1717 (buildbot for upstream python code) created by dmalcolm
Caveat: I'm about to become unreachable via email until October 12th …
16:20 Ticket #1716 (Hosting request for DumpET) created by pjones
Project name: DumpET Project short summary: Utility for dumping El Torito …
15:25 Ticket #1708 (Need to delete page I created on MediaWiki) closed by dsilas
fixed: I've fixed it. Sorry for wasting your time :-/
13:50 Ticket #1576 (Hosting request for gbirthday) reopened by tomspur
There is continuing work at sourceforge for this project, so the hosting …


21:18 Ticket #1237 (Fedora people server should probably wait N days after forced password ...) closed by mmcgrath
wontfix: Just cleaning up this older ticket. 1) Invalid users cannot have stuff …
21:16 Ticket #1482 (Project-tracking: get.fedoraproject.org (F12)) closed by mchua
wontfix: project tracking tickets for websites turn out to not be all that useful. …
21:16 Ticket #1486 (Project-tracking: join.fedoraproject.org (F12)) closed by mchua
wontfix: project tracking tickets for websites turn out to not be all that useful. …
21:16 Ticket #1489 (Project-tracking: blogs.fedoraproject.org (F12)) closed by mchua
wontfix: project tracking tickets for websites turn out to not be all that useful. …
20:30 Ticket #1466 (Zikula Project) closed by mmcgrath
duplicate: Closing this in favor of ticket # 1615
20:29 Ticket #441 (Test end-to-end breakage on unicode package names) closed by toshio
fixed: At the present we're disallowing unicode package names. Names are …
20:16 Ticket #1542 (Rename 'bastion' to bastion1) closed by mmcgrath
fixed: This one is done.
20:12 Ticket #1715 (Lessons Learned) created by mmcgrath
= phenomenon = = reason = = recommendation =
20:11 Ticket #1714 (Infrastructure Change Freeze) created by mmcgrath
We are frozen.
20:11 Ticket #1713 (MM Redirects) closed by mdomsch
fixed: 11.9[0123] are in place.
20:10 Ticket #1713 (MM Redirects) created by mmcgrath
Add MirrorManager? repository redirects from to-be-released version to …
20:08 Ticket #1712 (verify releng permissions) created by mmcgrath
= phenomenon = = reason = = recommendation =
20:07 Ticket #1711 (Release day ticket) created by mmcgrath
Just a tracking ticket.
20:06 Ticket #1710 (Verify Mirror Space) created by mmcgrath
Verify mirror space
20:06 Ticket #1612 (Infrastructure Change Freeze) closed by mmcgrath
20:06 Ticket #1613 (lessons learned) closed by mmcgrath
20:06 Ticket #1709 (f12-beta website) created by mmcgrath
New website from the websites team (typically hosted at …
20:05 Ticket #1609 (Release day ticket) closed by mmcgrath
18:50 Changeset [6047144] by Mike McGrath <mmcgrath@…>
masterfurther updates to fas
17:02 Ticket #1708 (Need to delete page I created on MediaWiki) created by dsilas
= phenomenon = I created a test page on the wiki that I need to delete. …
04:43 Ticket #1707 (Hosting request for Entente) created by josemm
Project name: Entente Project short summary: Python based web services …
01:23 Changeset [1ac2f6f] by Mike McGrath <mmcgrath@…>
masterAdded initial fas test
01:13 Ticket #1706 (Requesting new GIT repo for deltacloud/driver-rackspace and ...) created by michaelneale
= phenomenon = http://deltacloud.org/contribute.html - lists some …


21:20 Ticket #1705 (MM hotfix: mirrorlist_server consuming 500MB RAM) created by mdomsch
= phenomenon = mirrorlist_server was consuming 500MB RAM, leading to much …
19:26 Changeset [2850e47] by Mike McGrath <mmcgrath@…>
masterclarifying header information
19:25 Changeset [1f8c18b] by Mike McGrath <mmcgrath@…>
masterFixed problem where baseline would always be shown
18:47 Changeset [f8c6c0d] by Mike McGrath <mmcgrath@…>
masterMerge branch 'master' of …
18:43 Changeset [c24bfbe] by Mike McGrath <mmcgrath@…>
masteradded mirrormanager base test
15:21 Ticket #1704 (Unlock wiki page Template:QA/Test_Case) created by jlaska
== Change Requested == A while back, I requested that …
01:56 Ticket #1702 (cvs branch failure) closed by toshio
fixed: Looks like this is the result of the bug where running against the app …


19:33 Ticket #1703 (Secondary arch PPC builder transition) created by jwboyer
= phenomenon = As of F-13, ppc/ppc64 are no longer primary architectures …
14:09 Ticket #1702 (cvs branch failure) created by mmcgrath
= phenomenon = During the recent mass branch, not all packages got a F12 …
13:15 Ticket #1701 (MM hotfix: get IPv6 global BGP list) created by mdomsch
= phenomenon = BGP lookups from IPv6 clients returns no results = reason …
11:29 Ticket #1634 (please switch echo service on talk.fedoraproject.org) closed by mcepl
fixed: Yes, this is exactly what I hoped for. Thank you
03:36 Ticket #1692 (Hosting request for certmonger) closed by kad
fixed: Hi nalin Here your new repo info: FAS group: gitcertmonger FAS group …
03:25 Ticket #1685 (Hosting request for fldigi) closed by kad
fixed: Hey sb42, Below your new repo info: FAS group: gitfldigi FAS group …
03:18 Ticket #1665 (Hosting Request : RTS (Rendering Test System)) closed by kad
fixed: Hey aalam, Here's your repo info: Project group: gitrts Project owner: …
03:05 Ticket #1700 (MM hotfix: fix Internet2 & BGP lookups for zero-length lists) created by mdomsch
= phenomenon = yum upgrade fails Could not parse metalink …
02:50 Ticket #1654 (Hosting request for MakerDialog) closed by kad
fixed: Hi dchen, Sorry for the loooong delay, here is your new repo info: …
00:18 Ticket #1697 (Cannot access Virtualization_Guide.git) closed by nigelj
fixed: I followed up with Chris, for some reason the bare repo wasn't init'ed …


21:41 Ticket #1699 (MM hotfix: fix mirrorlist_server ASN lookups) created by mdomsch
= phenomenon = some mirrorlist requests were failing, returning "Server …
21:39 Ticket #1688 (MM hotfix: fix DNS lookups) closed by mdomsch
fixed: Fix in production 1.3.2.
20:32 Ticket #1295 (Request for smolt db info - unique list of VGA adapters) closed by mmcgrath
19:31 Ticket #1698 (Request for FEL download statistics) created by chitlesh
Hello there, Can you please give me the download statistics of the FEL …
06:54 Ticket #1697 (Cannot access Virtualization_Guide.git) created by tsagadai
= phenomenon = I cannot push to the Virtualization Guide git …


18:39 Ticket #1696 (Mailman Icons absent on @lists.fp.o web interface) created by onekopaka
= phenomenon = At the bottom of Mailman's web UI, there is generally three …


14:31 Ticket #1695 (Need access to the SSSD Trac Database) created by sgallagh
I need to be able to run some complex queries on the Trac tickets for the …
13:44 Ticket #1694 (Hardware Testing - Xen13) created by mmcgrath
= phenomenon = Xen13 keeps rebooting = reason = Buhhh, pixies? = …
08:31 Ticket #1693 (fuse epel package is missing on mirrors) closed by atorkhov
invalid: Oh, it seems that fuse is now in RHEL not just Centos didn't build it. …
08:14 Ticket #1693 (fuse epel package is missing on mirrors) created by atorkhov
= phenomenon = fuse epel package is missing on mirrors, even on …
04:29 Changeset [7959611e] by Nick Bebout <nb@…>
masterMake footer darker, change Signup to Create a blog, remove All Rights …


23:45 Ticket #1669 (the old favicon must die.) closed by akistler
fixed: spins and torrent work now, too. Add more scope and re-open if needed.
20:16 Ticket #1676 (cached NEW review requests contains review requests blocking FE-LEGAL.) closed by tibbs
fixed: The current version of the script hides FE-Legal tickets.
18:19 Ticket #1692 (Hosting request for certmonger) created by nalin
Project name: certmonger Project short summary: certificate provisioning …
11:43 Ticket #1691 (Bodhi refuses to attach a bug number to the update) created by tadej
= phenomenon = I submitted an update for the package I maintain: …
03:49 Ticket #1690 (Approval to clone /git/puppet to my computer) closed by nb
03:16 Ticket #1514 (Hosting request for app generating ambassadors map.) closed by nb
03:03 Ticket #1690 (Approval to clone /git/puppet to my computer) created by nb
I'd like to get 2 +1's to clone /git/puppet to my local machine so I don't …


21:50 Ticket #1681 (New update form randomly fails on admin.fp.o/updates) closed by toshio
fixed: Pushed to production.
19:35 Ticket #1689 (Delete jkubin from pkgdb) closed by toshio
fixed: jkubin removed: pkgdb-client edit --remove-user=jkubin selinux-policy
19:32 Ticket #1689 (Delete jkubin from pkgdb) created by mmcgrath
= phenomenon = inactive accounts show up in bugzilla. = reason = pkgdb …
16:54 Ticket #1688 (MM hotfix: fix DNS lookups) created by mdomsch
= phenomenon = MM can't use DNS names in netblock lists = reason = …
12:43 Ticket #1687 (Enable translation commits from transifex.net to fedorahosted) created by glezos
A few fedorahosted projects have requested priviledge to receive …
11:38 Ticket #1686 (koji build dist-f12 fails) created by kasal
= phenomenon = koji build dist-f12 fails, observe: …
08:26 Ticket #1685 (Hosting request for fldigi) created by sb42
Project name: fldigi Project short summary: Fldigi is a modem program …
01:48 Ticket #1684 (Remove wsgi scripts from puppet) created by toshio
As we update web applications, we'll start pulling in the copies that do …


14:56 Ticket #1638 ([HOTFIX] FAS bugzilla sync script sends email of problem when no problem ...) closed by toshio
fixed: Fixed in fas- now installed.


18:33 Ticket #1683 ([HOTFIX] pkgdbredirect to work with updated base_url) created by toshio
The latest update to TG1 base_url config breaks a redirect in pkgdb. This …


07:49 Ticket #1682 (FAS sends groups' welcome messages even though the person is not accepted ...) created by tch
= phenomenon = Let me illustrate. I sent an application to l10n-commits …


17:34 Ticket #1662 (Hosting request for virt-v2v) closed by laxathom
fixed: Ok. So, your git repository has been cloned and is now available at …
17:00 Ticket #1681 (New update form randomly fails on admin.fp.o/updates) created by bochecha
= phenomenon = New update form in Bodhi randomly fails with the message: « …
15:56 Ticket #1680 (RFE: show next meetin the topic of #fedora-meeting*) created by till
= problem = It would be nice to have the next planned meeting announced …


20:49 Ticket #1679 (elections throwing HTTP 500 on app1.stg) created by mdomsch
= phenomenon = Look in httpd/error_log on app1.stg. See lots of "has no …
20:25 Ticket #1678 (add robots.txt for admin.fp.o) closed by mdomsch
fixed: added new robots.txt, excluding those listed above.
20:05 Ticket #1678 (add robots.txt for admin.fp.o) created by mdomsch
= phenomenon = tail -f /var/log/httpd/access_log on app1.stg. Watch all …
19:15 Ticket #1677 (Create RHQ Project) closed by ausil
fixed: lists project and git has been all setup people needing access will need …
18:41 Ticket #1569 (Hot fix - fas1/fas2 /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/fas/user.py) closed by toshio
18:40 Ticket #1566 (Hot fix - fas1/fas2 /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/fas/json_request.py) closed by toshio
fixed: Fixed in: which is now deployed
18:40 Ticket #1527 (Hot Fix - fas1/fas2 auth.py) closed by toshio
fixed: Fixed in: which is now deployed.
18:34 Ticket #1677 (Create RHQ Project) created by tsanders
Project Name: RHQ Project Description: RHQ, the common services project …
17:22 Ticket #1674 (Mailing list request for GNUstep SIG) closed by kevin
fixed: gnustep-sig should be setup now. It should have mailed you an admin …
03:23 Ticket #1623 (RFR: IPv6 Connectivity) closed by mdomsch
fixed: ibiblio1, proxy4 and ns2 hosted at ibiblio are now serving content over …
03:22 Ticket #1643 (mirrormanager hotfix: enable ipv6 internet2 lookups) closed by mdomsch
fixed: MM 1.3.0 is deployed now, this is working.
03:19 Ticket #1524 (Hot Fix - mirrormanager) closed by mdomsch
fixed: Fixed in 1.3.0, deployed now.


21:28 Ticket #1676 (cached NEW review requests contains review requests blocking FE-LEGAL.) created by till
= phenomenon = http://fedoraproject.org/PackageReviewStatus/NEW.html


22:01 Ticket #1675 (cvs1 backup) created by mmcgrath
= phenomenon = Slow backups = reason = […] = recommendation = None …
18:25 Ticket #1603 (Hosting request for fedora-kontributor) closed by kad
fixed: Sorry for the long delay, this should've taken no more than a couple of …
18:04 Ticket #1551 (Hosting request for Swag tracking EMEA) closed by kad
fixed: I'm sorry, this in no way should have taken more than a couple of days, …


20:33 Ticket #1653 (Koji1 patch) closed by mmcgrath
fixed: This is done.
20:07 Ticket #1674 (Mailing list request for GNUstep SIG) created by salimma
= phenomenon = I'm starting an SIG for GNUstep packaging, and it's getting …
04:45 Ticket #1673 (F-12 kernel ACL is missing) closed by kevin
fixed: I think this is fixed now.
04:33 Ticket #1673 (F-12 kernel ACL is missing) created by airlied
Since F12 kernel got forked, the ACL wasn't copied over from devel.


13:30 Ticket #1672 (Change maintainer of fedora-trans-pl mailing list) created by raven
= Change Requested = Please change maintainer of fedora-trans-pl mailing …
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