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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#3169 [HOTFIX] Fix python hash table collisions across all of our WSGI apps Security Fedora 17 bug lmacken assigned 03/01/12
#4744 implement account recovery Ask HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-ask-members new 05/01/15
#466 Cert system rebuild Security Production HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement ausil assigned 03/25/08
#4887 Mailman REST API not available Mailing Lists asap bug sysadmin-hosted-members, sysadmin-tools-members new 09/11/15
#2455 Prevent SSL connection redirection attacks among Fedora servers Security bug lmacken reopened 10/27/10
#2843 Fix needed on wiki CSS to display Template properly General bug chrisroberts new 06/19/11
#4520 repos.fedorapeople.org fails DNSSEC validation General bug puiterwijk new 09/12/14
#605 FAS2 entry for blog feed Web Application enhancement santosp, ricky, mmcgrath new 06/05/08
#1002 Enable syndication of fedora mailing lists Mailing Lists enhancement herlo assigned 11/21/08
#2324 Give non-packagers integrity-protected read access to package repos SCM (Source Code Management) enhancement cvsadmin-members, sysadmin-cvs-members new 08/08/10
#833 Intrusion Detection System Security task lmacken assigned 09/10/08
#1509 Status of converting Fedora Account System to conform with Infrastructure Licensing Web Application task nb assigned 07/02/09
#1510 Status of converting Elections to conform with Infrastructure Licensing Web Application task nb assigned 07/02/09
#1511 Status of converting Bodhi to conform with Infrastructure Licensing Web Application task nb assigned 07/02/09
#2888 Implement HTTP Strict Transport Security Security Fedora 15 enhancement lmacken, sysadmin-main-members new 07/20/11
#2718 investigate replication of database resources General Fedora 15 task rdeys assigned 04/07/11
#2859 Add clamav filter for mailman Mailing Lists Fedora 15 task athmane new 06/29/11
#2996 linux-pam.git hooks request Hosted Projects Fedora 16 task sysadmin-hosted-members@… new 10/26/11
#1729 Unable to veiw wide content on wiki pages with lower resolution screens Web Content Production Fedora 18 bug puiterwijk new 10/09/09
#1055 Fedora Search Engine Systems Production Fedora 18 enhancement akistler assigned 12/15/08
#4876 Server and domain name for Fedora Developer Portal General Production HANDWAVY-FUTURE Hosting Request asamalik new 09/01/15
#1958 phpESP/limesurvey General Test HANDWAVY-FUTURE RFR ke4qqq new 02/01/10
#3533 Request for Resources: Gallery3 instance General HANDWAVY-FUTURE RFR puiterwijk assigned 10/24/12
#4480 Request for server resources for Fedora College General HANDWAVY-FUTURE RFR sysadmin-members new 08/07/14
#4482 RFR: Resources to upgrade to Review Board 2.x General HANDWAVY-FUTURE RFR puiterwijk assigned 08/08/14
#3617 clean up broken planet feeds FedoraPeople HANDWAVY-FUTURE annoyance pklos assigned 01/09/13
#3627 Configure centralized logging for all of our webapps. General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug nj0y assigned 01/19/13
#3654 Ask Fedora uses flags to show a user's location Ask HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-ask-members new 02/05/13
#3747 [Hotfix] Update logging handlers.py to not emit a utf8_bom for syslog General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug new 04/12/13
#3791 DS records for fedorahosted.org will need to be added General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-members new 05/06/13
#3960 add fedmsg topic for package block/unblock events in koji General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug threebean new 08/29/13
#4022 Fedmsg gets stuck when deleting a remote branch General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-members new 09/24/13
#4196 Auto-tweeting doesnt work on Ask Fedora Ask HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-ask-members new 01/26/14
#4229 Add Copr project accounts for hosted projects Hosted Projects HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug msuchy new 02/12/14
#4437 BFO does not work from GRUB2 General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-members reopened 07/06/14
#4460 cron job for Atomic rsync General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-members new 07/24/14
#4479 Nagios - FAS/OpenID error on https://admin.fedoraproject.org/nagios/ Monitoring Production HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-noc-members, lanica new 08/07/14
#4507 kojipkgs redirects from https to http for directories with missing trailing slashes General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-members new 08/31/14
#4625 drop obsolete arches from mirrorlist Mirrors HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug mdomsch, sysadmin-web-members new 12/17/14
#4745 https://flocktofedora.org/ uses invalid certificate General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-members new 05/02/15
#4816 https://register.flocktofedora.org/ has a bad link Web Content HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug webmaster new 07/08/15
#4834 Apparently inode-related failure in ppc64le copr Cumulus (Cloud) HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-cloud-members new 07/22/15
#4882 Timeouts (operation too slow) using mirrors.fedoraproject.org General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-members new 09/05/15
#4923 Ipsilon API could validate inputs. General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug puiterwijk new 10/12/15
#1421 ssl and fas traffic General Production HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement new 05/26/09
#3294 Enable varnish caching for applications General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement gmm new 05/18/12
#3536 Add place for raw HTML content for fedorahosted project Hosted Projects HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-hosted-members@… new 10/25/12
#3827 389 - require only fast-forward commits to be pushed General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-members new 05/23/13
#3884 Apply Fedora theme to Ask Fedora Ask HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-ask-members new 07/12/13
#4075 Package Review tracker General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement tibbs new 10/21/13
#4131 [RFE] Enable access tokens for a Trac-based service Trac instances Production HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-hosted-members@… new 11/29/13
#4478 send #help messages from zodbot to fedmsg Development HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-devel-members new 08/06/14
#4485 run POC-Change script for EPEL General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement janeznemanic assigned 08/11/14
#4551 Use piwik for web stats on fp.org and other infra apps General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-members new 10/02/14
#4613 Enhance status.fp.org page General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-members new 12/10/14
#4621 Access to GNOME backups hosted on backup01: possible plan General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-members new 12/15/14
#4672 Add arm-builders to copr service. General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-members new 02/19/15
#4678 Make Trac project pages mobile friendly General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-members new 03/02/15
#4840 s390 koji hub ansible improvements Buildsys HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-releng-members new 07/27/15
#4458 downloads from fedoraproject.org are slow General HANDWAVY-FUTURE outage sysadmin-members new 07/24/14
#4598 fedorahosted https handshake problem General HANDWAVY-FUTURE outage puiterwijk assigned 11/17/14
#1133 Mirror Pushing Systems Test HANDWAVY-FUTURE task mdomsch assigned 01/15/09
#3924 fedmsg enablement - run herlo's ftl inside infrastructure General HANDWAVY-FUTURE task ralph new 08/12/13
#3983 fedmsg enablement - replace the updates sync on releng04 General HANDWAVY-FUTURE task janeznemanic assigned 09/05/13
#4166 Adopt policy that SCM request should be accepted from authorized users only General HANDWAVY-FUTURE task sysadmin-members new 01/07/14
#4525 SOP for FMN missing General HANDWAVY-FUTURE task puiterwijk assigned 09/16/14
#4526 SOP for fedocal missing General HANDWAVY-FUTURE task sysadmin-members new 09/16/14
#4769 Create {git,docker}hub accounts for upcoming Dopr service General HANDWAVY-FUTURE task nirik reopened 06/01/15
#4857 private builds in koji General HANDWAVY-FUTURE task sysadmin-members new 08/14/15
#4900 Grant admin permission in staging Koji to mizdebsk Buildsys Test HANDWAVY-FUTURE task sysadmin-releng-members new 09/24/15
#4916 Allow resultsdb stg machine to emit fedmsgs General HANDWAVY-FUTURE task threebean new 10/07/15
#4891 Hosting docs.cockpit-project.org at Fedora Hosted General asap Hosting Request puiterwijk assigned 09/17/15
#4765 Domain name request for the Fedora Bootstrap project web server Hosted Projects asap RFR sysadmin-hosted-members@… new 05/28/15
#4811 cgit/.../patch/file shows patch not just for that file Hosted Projects asap bug sysadmin-hosted-members@… new 07/07/15
#4907 jenkins instance runs over http even though https works General asap bug sysadmin-members new 09/30/15
#4917 vlan change for PPC EPEL build VMs Systems Production asap change sysadmin-main-members new 10/08/15
#4450 short redirect links to LiveCD images (including spins) General asap enhancement sysadmin-members new 07/17/14
#847 Require housekeeping for Fedora Hosted.org projects? Hosted Projects annoyance nobody@… new 09/16/08
#4793 Information apps.fedoraproject.org/packages not updated for a while Web Content Production annoyance webmaster new 06/16/15
#2405 [HOTFIX] loggerhead (bzr webserve) displays incorrect url General change sysadmin-devel-members assigned 09/23/10
#2079 querying the list of all the aliases that a given FAS id is on Mailing Lists enhancement sysadmin-hosted-members, sysadmin-tools-members new 04/01/10
#2641 wiki: add attention message on outdated translated pages General enhancement sysadmin-members new 02/23/11
#1816 ensure tier 0 and 1 mirrors have a private rsync module properly configured Mirrors task mdomsch new 11/13/09
#3041 need glue record for ns02 AAAA General Fedora 17 task sysadmin-members new 11/30/11
#3135 pkgs git repo doesn't allow deleting one off branches SCM (Source Code Management) Fedora 17 task cvsadmin-members, sysadmin-cvs-members new 02/13/12
#3525 New mediawiki redirect behaviour is annoying Web Content HANDWAVY-FUTURE annoyance chrisroberts new 10/18/12
#3639 SMTP without any SSL/TLS encryption General HANDWAVY-FUTURE annoyance janeznemanic assigned 01/26/13
#4211 Our 301 redirects give inaccurate messages General HANDWAVY-FUTURE annoyance sysadmin-members new 02/02/14
#4371 ipsilon project trac instance does not want to show "Browser" navigation tab Trac instances HANDWAVY-FUTURE annoyance sysadmin-hosted-members@… new 05/19/14
#4534 paste.fp.o returns to "new paste", no errors/messages General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug athmane new 09/19/14
#4576 fedoracommunity.org ssl is invalid Web Content HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug codeblock new 10/25/14
#3748 Automate review stats General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement vkaigoro assigned 04/13/13
#4543 Request: Tally #action items file during meeting General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-members new 09/26/14
#4640 Implement graphite-web to improve metrics visualization Monitoring Test HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sborza new 01/16/15
#4806 time to bite the bullet and s/cla/fpca/? General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-members new 06/29/15
#3632 Add headers to buildsys emails to prevent auto-replies Buildsys HANDWAVY-FUTURE task janeznemanic assigned 01/22/13
#3910 Fedora Badges: Add newlines to RST descriptions. General Test asap enhancement sysadmin-members new 07/29/13
#1249 Website footers don't specify the content is under the OPL, instead use a default copyright tag Web Application bug santosp, ricky, mmcgrath new 03/12/09
#4181 Wrong URL in fedmsg broadcasts for ask.stg.fp.o Ask Test HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug sysadmin-ask-members new 01/17/14
#4582 suggestion: default spam discard rule for new mailing lists Mailing Lists HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement sysadmin-hosted-members, sysadmin-tools-members new 10/28/14
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