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  • Color each row based on priority.
  • If a ticket has been accepted, a '*' is appended after the owner's name
  • These are small tasks that are great for new people.
Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#2888 Implement HTTP Strict Transport Security Security Fedora 15 enhancement lmacken, sysadmin-main-members new 07/20/11
#4507 kojipkgs redirects from https to http for directories with missing trailing slashes General HANDWAVY-FUTURE bug aikidouke new 08/31/14
#3294 Enable varnish caching for applications General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement puiterwijk assigned 05/18/12
#4485 run POC-Change script for EPEL General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement janeznemanic assigned 08/11/14
#4973 add nagios check for mailman01's REST interface. General HANDWAVY-FUTURE task sysadmin-members new 11/19/15
#4941 Tarball of all current specfiles General HANDWAVY-FUTURE enhancement doteast reopened 10/29/15
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