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#4625 drop obsolete arches from mirrorlist new mdomsch,sysadmin-web-members bug major HANDWAVY-FUTURE
#5040 can't find the current mailing lists from the home page new webmaster annoyance major HANDWAVY-FUTURE
#5185 mirrormanager picked up release versions incorrectly new mdomsch,sysadmin-web-members bug major asap
#5207 Explore uses for donated CDN new webmaster task major HANDWAVY-FUTURE
#5289 grant mirrormanager umdl access to pre-bitflip content new sysadmin-web-members bug major HANDWAVY-FUTURE
#5310 Wiki links to mailing lists are broken new webmaster annoyance major HANDWAVY-FUTURE
#5186 disabling one arch disables all new mdomsch,sysadmin-web-members bug minor HANDWAVY-FUTURE
#5250 yum with metalink repo cannot find archived fedora 21 packages new mdomsch,sysadmin-web-members annoyance minor HANDWAVY-FUTURE
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