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#3627 Configure centralized logging for all of our webapps. easyfix assigned nj0y bug major
#4485 run POC-Change script for EPEL easyfix assigned janeznemanic enhancement major
#2888 Implement HTTP Strict Transport Security easyfix new lmacken,sysadmin-main-members enhancement major
#2931 For fedorapeople repositories, enhance new_repo script to check group EasyFix new gagomes bug major
#3294 Enable varnish caching for applications EasyFix new gmm enhancement major
#3617 clean up broken planet feeds easyfix new nobody@… annoyance major
#3796 remove _csrf_token from display URLs EasyFix new docent enhancement major
#4192 Create script to check git using fedorahosted projects cgit urls easyfix new nobody@… task minor
#4507 kojipkgs redirects from https to http for directories with missing trailing slashes easyfix new sysadmin-members bug major
#4749 migrate darkserver from puppet to ansible easyfix new sysadmin-members task major
#4779 Update/improve out outage template easyfix new sysadmin-members task major
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