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119:52  * kital warms up for FAmSCo Meeting in 8 minutes
219:53  * mchua is here
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619:59 < kital> wb tatica
719:59 < tatica> :D
819:59 < tatica> net doesn't want me today
919:59 < kital> ;)
1019:59 < kital> so is ke4qqq around for famsco meeting?
1120:00 < kital> susmit where are you?
1220:00 < kital> mchua: seems you will have this week to learn about mentoring ;)
1320:01 < mchua> Yay!
1420:01 < tatica> O_O
1520:01 < kital> most of the famsco members are not around so nobody here to talk you in for today
1620:01  * tatica jumps to mchua
1720:01 < kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_agenda <- is not so heavy this time
1820:02  * kital is so sorry for mchua because she still is awake for the meeting
1920:02 < tatica> :\
2020:03 < kital> we need at least a quorum of 4 to have a meeting
2120:03 < kital> where we can vote on something :S
2220:04  * inode0 volunteers to vote on things at no charge
2320:04 < kital> inode0: ;)
2420:04 < tatica> lol
2520:04  * tatica can help... I'm half a vote
2620:05 < kital> mchua: anything that you want to ask tatica - who is also a long time mentor in Ambassadors?
2720:06 < mchua> kital: It's ok, I'm still on US time :D
2820:07 < mchua> Actually, I just need a mentor, right?
2920:07 < mchua> tatica, inode0, kital - you're all mentors.
3020:07 < mchua> So, the context is that we're trying to get more Ambassadors in China - as a way of getting participation started in China.
3120:07 < mchua> And the limiting factor right now is that we only have one Chinese mentor.
3220:07 < mchua> And only... what was it, 4 in APAC total, kital?
3320:08 < mchua> So Joerg suggested that I also become a mentor, so I can focus on China for a bit.
3420:08 < kital> 3 APAC - yes
3520:08 < mchua> And I replied that I would love to do that - my focus would be on getting more mentors in China, to grow capacity.
3620:08 < inode0> how many people are requesting a mentor? ... is that really holding anyone back now?
3720:08 < mchua> (Ambassadors first, but aiming to bring people into mentors when they're ready.)
3820:09 < kital> i see to plant a community nearly out of nowhere could be something for a person who is connected to both worlds - or feels to be able to connect both worlds
3920:09 < mchua> But I haven't actually had a mentor myself, and would like to learn more about what the process usually looks like from the other side, before I become a mentor myself.
4020:09  * tatica reading
4120:09 < mchua> inode0: Very few right now, but one of the reasons that there haven't been a lot of requests is because people haven't been pushing it due to our lack of capacity.
4220:10 < kital> it is imperative that the first mentors are not only focused regional - to make sure they get connected to our common sense and goals although they act local
4320:10 < tatica> mchua, I think that you first need to *study* the actual ambassadors that China has
4420:11 < mchua> We... don't have many.
4520:11 < tatica> to be a mentor, they must be ambassadors... to eb ambassadors, they must want to help
4620:11  * mchua nods
4720:11 < mchua> There are people here who'd like to help but don't know how, and also don't know how ot ask.
4820:11 < mchua> er, "to ask"
4920:11 < tatica> so, I think that the first thing you can do is a couple of meetins (may be 2 per week) to meet the guys that want to contribute
5020:11 < mchua> It's also an interesting cultural difference we should be aware of - FOSS culture is "ask for things! people might say no and that's okay!"
5120:11 < tatica> I say two, you can do one at weeks and one at weekends for those that work / have proxy... blah
5220:12 < kital> mchua: is acutally in China to meet some of them face to face
5320:12 < mchua> and we certainly have to get people used to that culture.
5420:12 < mchua> But the culture they are starting from is very much "asking for things is not good unless you are absolutely sure the other person can and will do it for you!"
5520:12 < mchua> because otherwise that is a loss of face for both of you.
5620:12 < tatica> also, if you want to be mentor, you have to be "there for them when they need you"
5720:13 < tatica> I don't know if this happen to all mentors (I guess it is)
5820:13 < mchua> So, for a Chinese person, asking if they can become an Ambassador - especially in a public place like a ticket queue or a mailing list - is *really* scary because they have no guarantee that someone will say yes.
5920:13 < mchua> Especially if they have talked with people and found out that we don't really have mentoring capacity in China.
6020:13 < tatica> mchua, then more reason to bring up some informal meetings just to "let them talk"
6120:13 < mchua> And so in order to avoid a loss of face (shame) for both them and for FAmSCo/Ambassador mentors, they just won't ask in the first place.
6220:14 < tatica> and don't be afraid of you, and neither the process
6320:14 < mchua> tatica: That's another thing that's difficult culturally - it takes a lot of time to build trust to speak openly here.
6420:14 < kital> they are free to choose anyone from APAC - but understand that they start with a local one from their country
6520:14  * mchua nods
6620:14 < tatica> oh god...
6720:14 < mchua> tatica: I think that may be less of a problem in LATAM. :)
6820:15 < kital> but as i see - mchua you are knowing a lot about this culture ;)
6920:15  * tatica didn't understand that sentence :S
7020:16 < mchua> tatica: My last sentence?
7120:16 < tatica> yup
7220:17 < mchua> tatica: I meant to say "In China, it is difficult to get people to speak freely, especially in public, to people they do not yet know very well. It seems that people in LATAM have an easier time speaking their thoughts in public." :)
7320:17 < mchua> tatica: does that make more sense?
7420:17 < tatica> ah yes yes
7520:17 < mchua> kital: Well... only a little, really. I grew up in America, but in a Chinese family. So while I don't know the country or the language, I know the culture a little bit - or at least it's easy for it to make sense to me.
7620:17 < tatica> sry, my brain didn't organice it the first time
7720:18 < kital> mchua: maybe let the Ambassadors that are still around have a face to face FAD with specific goals on shaping the community?
7820:18 < tatica> +1
7920:18 < kital> this is what kickstarted the community in EMEA in 2006
8020:19 < mchua> Ooh, tell me more?
8120:19 < mchua> I think that is a great thing to work towards!
8220:19 < mchua> We need more Ambassadors first, though :)
8320:20 < kital> mchua: we also started small
8420:20 < kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_EMEA_2006
8520:20 < mchua> tatica: how about in LATAM, what's been the most helpful thing for growing presence?
8620:20 < mchua> kital: I like the FAD idea, because face-to-face is a big way to build trust here.
8720:21 < tatica> mchua, last meetings help a lot
8820:21 < mchua> I was surprised at how strongly people reacted to my being here in-country, how much that seems to help.
8920:21 < mchua> tatica: last meetings?
9020:21 < tatica> but here people doesn't have problems to express themselves, just like you quote
9120:21 < tatica> yes, last thursday we start some "informal meetings"
9220:21 < kital> mchua: but i have to say we always focused on emea not on a single country
9320:21 < tatica> just to let people talk, and know what are their ideas, suggestions, problems and goals
9420:22 < tatica> they already want to talk, but they didn't want to deal with Fedora infra... wiki, mail list, forms, websites, reports, etc
9520:22 < tatica> so we set that each thursday we will have an "almost open floor" to let them express themselves
9620:23 < kital> tatica mchua reach a goal together is something that forms a group of commited people
9720:23 < kital> getting a FAD done is one of them
9820:23 < kital> get the goals out of this FAD done together
9920:24 < kital> like SWAG production
10020:24 < tatica> kital, true
10120:24 < mchua> +1
10220:24 < tatica> after that first meeting, 2 countries already start to work on FADs
10320:24 < mchua> Yeah, I think China will be able to help a lot with swag production... we can easily get cheap swag made in China.
10420:24 < kital> one or two events for the start together with expirenced Ambassdors from outside
10520:24 < tatica> and 5 countries joint to help the magazine
10620:24 < mchua> tatica: Wow!
10720:24 < tatica> so was a good aproach
10820:24 < kital> or let them learn from other regions can also be very inspiring
10920:25 < tatica> mchua, if you don't have enough people; you can start with a small event
11020:25  * mchua nods
11120:25 < mchua> We've talked about a FAD centered around the work people are already doing on MIPS here.
11220:25 < tatica> or maybe go to a school and give some lectures
11320:25 < tatica> school / university
11420:26 < kital> from my expirience as small group that is really committed is like a magnet
11520:26 < mchua> One of the problems we have here in China is that there are very few people with exposure to how to work in FOSS communities, so it is hard for them to believe that things like FADs are possible & not too hard.
11620:27 < mchua> tatica: Schools are a good idea - the question is how to get the students at those lectures to participate instead of just listening obediently.
11720:27 < kital> it needs only one who is starting the effort
11820:27 < tatica> mchua, maybe do a workshop instead a talk
11920:28 < tatica> but that will require hardware
12020:28  * mchua nods
12120:29 < mchua> I think for the first FAD in China (assuming that's MIPS) we're going to try to bring in one or two people from outside China so that Gerard is not the only person who's been to a FAD before.
12220:30 < kital> mchua: catalyst people yes
12320:31 < mchua> And we were thinking of having that FAD before FUDCon NA, so we can bring a few people from China to FUDCon (hopefully) so they can see what that is like, and so also the NA community will hear more about the work going on here.
12420:31 < mchua> s/so also/also so
12520:31 < kital> but we should not underestimate also the effect of self-organization and self-finding of doing things - bring them together set goals - not so much 3 are enough and they will start working
12620:32 < kital> maybe i am naive ;)
12720:32 < mchua> I think we're all ambitious. :) But that's good!
12820:32 < kital> true
12920:33 < mchua> Anyhow... I think, yes, a FAD is a good idea for building Ambassador capacity - thanks for that suggestion, I'll take it back to the Chinese folks.
13020:33 < kital> inode0: are you still around?
13120:33 < mchua> And... in terms of mentoring, I'd like to find out more about what mentoring looks like.
13220:33 < inode0> is it time to vote?
13320:34 < mchua> I was going to do that by asking ke4qqq to mentor me and grill me with questions about Fedora, but I can also ask y'all here about what you usually do for the people you mentor.
13420:34 < mchua> I really have no idea what standards to set, or what things are useful to ask people to do, or... anything.
13520:34 < kital> inode0: can you point out to mchua how you are doing mentoring - because i told her we give complete freedom to the mentors and every mentor is doing it his own way
13620:34 < kital> so she can learn different ways
13720:34 < mchua> (I was automatically approved because of my past experience working in Fedora.)
13820:34  * mchua nods, thanks kital!
13920:34 < inode0> I will make one big point - there are two kinds of mentoring that happen
14020:35 < inode0> One helps people enter the project smoothly and with proper expectations
14120:35 < inode0> The other provides more long term help and guidance about nuts and bolts of getting things done
14220:37  * mchua nods. Another thing I want to make sure of - most of my Fedora work has been in teams other than Ambassadors, so there are things in Ambassadors I'm not familiar with (I've never worked a booth or ordered swag, etc) (I have organized 2 FADs, though)
14320:37  * kital is offering help and expects a approachable candidate who know what he is talking about - and i have set that a FAS+1 is plus to get approved a bit faster
14420:37 < inode0> my basic philosophy about the on-ramping flavor is asking whether I am confident this candidate understands Fedora and its culture and won't be likely to embarrass it by accident
14520:37 < kital> s/know/knowing
14620:37 < inode0> I normally can get a strong sense of that by having conversations, there are no quizzes or anything like that
14720:38  * mchua nods
14820:39 < inode0> if I feel a candidate really isn't prepared I try to help guide to in the direction of things that will help prepare them
14920:39  * ke4qqq apologizes for his lateness
15020:39 < kital> mchua spreading Fedora is one thing - the other thing is to thing that Ambassadors are also doing HR to hire new contributors! 
15120:39 < inode0> if they stick around past that point they are usually going to work out
15220:39 < mchua> ke4qqq: You've got a heck of a backlog. :)
15320:40 < kital> ke4qqq: we skipped the meeting and make a heavy multithreaded mentoring on mchua to become a regional mentor for china
15420:40 < ke4qqq> yeah I am catching up
15520:40  * mchua nods. So inode0, you're going on conversations and a gut feel, mostly?
15620:40  * mchua grins
15720:40  * mchua feels special
15820:40 < tatica> lol
15920:40 < mchua> thanks, everyone. I know you're incredibly busy.
16020:40 < mchua> (And I don't want to block FAmSCo business, so totally feel free to cut me off at any time for that.)
16120:40 < kital> tatica: has also own ways of mentoring i guess?
16220:41 < tatica> yup
16320:41 < kital> mchua: you are famsco business for today
16420:41 < inode0> mchua: the truth is almost everyone I have rejected has decided it wasn't for them before I got to a decision point
16520:41 < tatica> I receive like 3 or 4 people per day right now
16620:41 < kital> mchua: we are well organized ;)
16720:41 < inode0> usually mismatches in interests and expectations become clear to both sides
16820:41 < tatica> so I "automatize myself" to do a basic approach and see if they are really interested
16920:41 < mchua> tatica: whoa, 3-4 people per day? Wow.
17020:41 < tatica> one thing I see is that a lot of aspirants send the mail thinking that nobody will reply
17120:42 < mchua> tatica: How do you "automatize yourself"?
17220:42 < tatica> so when you give them a quick answer, you can divide already the possible group
17320:42 < tatica> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tatica/Mentor
17420:42 < inode0> mchua: maybe this is a topic for another day but keep it in mind
17520:43 < tatica> there are some questions that (depending the info that they provide on their first mail) I send back
17620:43 < inode0> ambassadors are spreading the "message" of Fedora - does that message sell easily in China? If not, can it be reframed to sell better?
17720:43 < tatica> there is a LOT of people that want to be ambassador just after install their pcs
17820:43 < kital> mchua if they come to you without a wikipage send them away ;)
17920:44 < kital> that means they did not read what i wrote them
18020:44  * mchua nods
18120:44 < ke4qqq> mchua: 98% of those who have applied to me, never make it to the second email
18220:44 < tatica> true
18320:44 < mchua> inode0: re: message - no, it does not, not as they've tried it so far... but that is something we know we need to work on. I don't know how that's going to happen, we're still feeling i tout.
18420:45 < kital> as i said ke4qqq = drillmentor
18520:45 < kital> ;)
18620:45 < inode0> mchua: ok, it will be easier to get "salesmen" on the ground when you have a message they believe in
18720:45 < mchua> inode0: Agreed.
18820:45  * inode0 thinks this is likely the sticking point overall in this case
18920:45 < ke4qqq> mchua: honestly I think Ambassadors is a bad place to start most people.
19020:45 < mchua> ke4qqq: where would you suggest?
19120:45 < kital> ke4qqq: +1
19220:46 < ke4qqq> triage - QA - test days are really low hanging fruit
19320:46 < ke4qqq> test days where we can pay for pizza or some other food are great ways to have really low barrier intro into the community
19420:46 < ke4qqq> I can't imagine anyone completely new to fedora and FLOSS getting my mentor email and not running away
19520:47 < tatica> <ke4qqq> mchua: honestly I think Ambassadors is a bad place to start most people. <= +1
19620:48 < kital> (thats way i see a FAS+1 as a big plus)
19720:48  * mchua nods
19820:48 < kital> s/way/why
19920:48 < mchua> Ooh, that's a really good idea
20020:48 < ke4qqq> I've been trying to push nevill to grow  central america by hosting test days - feed them and give some shirts or swag away
20120:48 < mchua> #idea FADs to build presence in China, face-to-face meetings
20220:49 < mchua> #idea QA/test days as a possible better starting point than Ambassadors, perhaps even in-person events
20320:49 < kital> mchua: we did not started a meeting ;)
20420:49 < ke4qqq> some people will not like , some will get hooked - from those that get hooked on actually contributing - you eventually build them as ambassadors.
20520:50  * mchua nods.
20620:50 < mchua> Gotcha.
20720:50 < ke4qqq> one of the problems we have with ambassadors who are only ambassadors, particularly those with language barriers is they become silos.....
20820:50 < mchua> Ah, so then my way of getting started with Ambassadors was good, in terms of doing Marketing first. :)
20920:50 < ke4qqq> because they don't have to act with any other portions of the community.
21020:50 < kital> mchua: did not thought it will be a fruitful meeting without other famsco members
21120:50 < kital> sorry for that
21220:51 < mchua> kital: We can file a ticket, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Zodbot#zodbot_blew_up_while_it_was_logging_my_meeting.2C_what_can_I_do.3F, asking for this to be turned into a log afterwards.
21320:51 < mchua> If someone can send the text file of their logs and make a ticket.
21420:51  * mchua is probably going to be unconscious shortly after this meeting, so would rather not take that #action ;)
21520:51 < inode0> kital: I would support a change to FAS+1 now - I've learned
21620:51 < mchua> (it's 2:51am in Beijing)
21720:52 < ke4qqq> but someone *cough-gbraad-cough* should get the people in QA to get ready to host a test day - (operating hours are an issue)
21820:52 < ke4qqq> and let him lead it - better yet if they work and fix the issue if it's something simple
21920:52 < mchua> tatica: Question about https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tatica/Mentor - do you copy-paste that into an email, or send them the link to that page?
22020:52 < kital> inode0 i put this on the survey and as a topic for the soon to be announced mentors meeting
22120:52 < mchua> ke4qqq: Actually, jlaska just emailed me and said that some of his QA team are in the Beijing office.
22220:52 < ke4qqq> triage specific packages too - they get really familiar with those packages - and might eventually be a co-maintainer.
22320:52 < mchua> So... we may have an easier time than expected. ;)
22420:52 < ke4qqq> ohhhhh indeed
22520:52 < tatica> mchua, I copy/paste *always* the links (which I have to update)
22620:52 < kital> ke4qqq: is there not a US Mentors first answer?
22720:53 < tatica> and just copy some of the questions
22820:53 < tatica> mchua, but almost always I do some that aren't there
22920:53 < tatica> those are the "basic things that I always write"
23020:53 < tatica> then, depending of what has done/ want to do - I write him/her a more personal mail
23120:53 < kital> other than https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/MembershipService#Mentor.27s_first_Answer
23220:53 < ke4qqq> kital: I have one - not everyone in NA uses it though. inode0 spends a lot more time with a personal response.
23320:53 < ke4qqq> and mine was originally written by susmit
23420:54 < kital> mchua: this is the official Mentors first answer but this is only a suggestion https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/MembershipService#Mentor.27s_first_Answer
23520:54  * mchua nods
23620:54 < mchua> tatica: okay, cool! That's a great idea... we should translate those into Chinese and then adapt them.
23720:54 < tatica> for me; be mentor is about try to guide people
23820:55 < tatica> sure, I can translate them now to english
23920:55 < ke4qqq> mchua: to give you an idea of mine (I'll send it to you via email) it involves reading 4-5 books, getting started in another area of fedora, etc. (but I am consider hard to get along with :) )
24020:55 < kital> mchua: if the should act in the Fedora Eco System should they not write in our common language?
24120:55 < tatica> ke4qqq, LOL! you send them to read books?
24220:55 < kital> ke4qqq: hahaha coool
24320:56  * tatica didn't do any of this things :O
24420:56 < mchua> ke4qqq: books! AWESOME
24520:56 < mchua> ke4qqq: I will... probably not... um... do that unless I can find Chinese translations, but... yes.
24620:56 < tatica> if someone send me to read books I could reply "I just read Asimov books... u_U"
24720:56 < mchua> ke4qqq: I totally want to see that email though. :) I love reading.
24820:56 < mchua> kital: That's a question I had, actually.
24920:56 < ke4qqq> tatica: of course - TOSW, GNU manifesto, CATB, etc.
25020:56 < mchua> Do Ambassadors need to speak (or at least read/write) English?
25120:57 < mchua> I though we were trying to encourage local language ecosystems.
25220:57 < tatica> ahh... all those books we read after install Fedora/linux/unix in our dark corner
25320:57 < mchua> I mean, it's important to try to relay things to other geos and languages, and bilingual speakers are very important for that, but does *everyone* need to speak English?
25420:57 < kital> i am unsure about it if they are too disconnected it can cause a lot problems
25520:57 < inode0> mchua: I think we try to encourage common language but recognize that isn't always possible and facilitate what does work
25620:57 < tatica> mchua, I think everyone that goes must at least have a basic english
25720:58 < tatica> mchua, because almost all resources are in english
25820:58 < ke4qqq> no, I don't think so - I think there probably needs to be some english capability somewhere - but don't think it's mandatory..... the danger is creating a silo - it cuts people off if there isn't a strong english speaker who can translate between the groups.
25920:58 < tatica> wiki, planet, packages
26020:58  * kital started in Fedora without knowing a single word english - but to use the common language was imperative for me
26120:58 < mchua> So they need to be in contact with someone who can translate their stuff to English and vice versa, is that more accurate?
26220:58 < mchua> kital: Wow, I didn't know that.
26320:58  * ke4qqq didn't know that either
26420:59  * kital had to learn russian at school ;)
26520:59 < mchua> How did you learn? tatica, you too - one thing I hear a lot from Chinese people is "oh, but my English is not good, I cannot do that"
26620:59  * kital is from former east-germany
26720:59  * tatica too
26820:59 < tatica> mchua, I'm still learning... and now I'm trying to learn portuguese
26920:59 < tatica> is a challenge
27020:59 < tatica> :\
27121:00 < mchua> if there's something we can do to say "hey, that's okay, you don't need to know English in the beginning, you can find someone to translate for you, and if you want to learn English you can also learn along the way, here is how we did it" that would be great.
27221:00 < ke4qqq> tatica speaks great english - don't let her fool you - we've had several conversations on the phone
27321:00  * mchua grins
27421:00 < kital> mchua: it is old joke but true - i learned english from watching all star trek series in english with english subtitles
27521:00 < mchua> tatica, kital - actually, would... either of you mind writing something - in any language - about how you *didn't* speak English very much when you started with Fedora, and how that worked?
27621:00 < mchua> kital: That's AWESOME
27721:00 < mchua> And then we can translate those stories into Chinese.
27821:01 < mchua> I think it will help give people here some confidence.
27921:01 < tatica> mchua, sure
28021:01 < kital> i will do as well
28121:01 < tatica> mchua, you can also tell them "you can learn any language with the community"
28221:01 < ke4qqq> mchua: so I don't think that they need to know english to start in QA - esp for a test day - they need someone who does - to translate the test sequence, file bugs where appropriate, etc.
28321:01 < tatica> for example, dgilmore and I are teaching/learning english and spanish at weekends
28421:02 < tatica> and a couple of guys from Brazil are helping me with my portuguese
28521:02 < mchua> tatica: oh wow. Can you... please write this as a blog post, everything you're saying about languages?
28621:03 < mchua> It's such a big deal and a big worry here, the language barrier.
28721:03 < mchua> But it really doesn't have to be a blocker.
28821:03 < ke4qqq> mchua: it's not just there that it's a worry.
28921:03 < tatica> sure
29021:03 < kital> mchua because your blog will be translated into chinese anyway you can talk about this as well in your blog - language barrier ...
29121:03 < mchua> and Gerard and I can say that as many times as we want, but we can't really *show* them because both of us came into Fedora speaking English very well.
29221:03 < mchua> kital: Indeed!
29321:03 < tatica> with technical issues, language isn't a barrier
29421:04 < tatica> for example... when I start at design team, I didn't understand one work of that nicu and mo said
29521:04 < tatica> but, we exchange artwork and that was it
29621:04  * ke4qqq agrees with mchua that tatica really needs to blog that - in both languages.
29721:04 < tatica> some teams can work and talk in a different language... and take under consideration that language can be any way to express themselves
29821:05 < tatica> I don't know if was ke4qqq or inode0 or kital
29921:06 < kital> was what
30021:06 < mchua> tatica: please please please blog this!
30121:06 < tatica> but an ambassador can not only join the project "because they want to go to events and give talks"
30221:06 < tatica> lol
30321:06  * tatica thinks that should shut up :$
30421:06 < kital> as i said they are HR as well in my eyes
30521:06 < mchua> tatica: actually, doing it in Spanish would be great, because then we can translate it into English, and then give it to someone to translate the English into Chinese...
30621:06 < tatica> what's HR?
30721:06 < mchua> it will be a good example of exactly what we're talking about
30821:06 < mchua> that you *can* write something in your native language (Spanish)
30921:06 < mchua> and have it not be bilingual
31021:06 < kital> Human Ressources i hired several debian developers to work on FEL
31121:06 < tatica> sure
31221:07 < ke4qqq> mchua: you should also
31321:07 < mchua> and it *will* get out to other language communities
31421:07 < kital> or start packaging
31521:07 < ke4qqq> send them to gdks blog
31621:07 < tatica> ahh
31721:07 < mchua> ke4qqq: I will be blogging every day I'm in China. :)
31821:07 < ke4qqq> he posted a script to use google translate
31921:07 < tatica> HR.. done
32021:07 < ke4qqq> for irc convos
32121:07 < mchua> tatica: "people who recruit other people"
32221:07 < tatica> yes yes
32321:07 < mchua> ke4qqq: Yeah, I have actually been thinking about putting that in #fedora-zh.
32421:07 < tatica> and my last contribution to this meeting
32521:07 < mchua> I should just do that, I'm not sure where to host the bot, but I can ask for publictest access again.
32621:07 < ke4qqq> so you'd have a channel in one language, being translated to you in your native.
32721:08 < tatica> if you send a good example of colaboration, dedication and work... other will try to imitate you and improve your work
32821:08 < tatica> and that's our goal (I think)
32921:08 < tatica> now... I need a coffee
33021:08 < kital> tatica: ;)
33121:08 < kital> yes i think we are over time
33221:08 < kital> 8 minutes to be exact
33321:08  * ke4qqq wishes spevack could have joined this convo. too bad ian couldn't take a cab :)
33421:08 < tatica> is not that... I need gasoline
33521:08 < tatica> :$
33621:09 < kital> ke4qqq: +1
33721:09 < ke4qqq> gasoline doesn't taste as good
33821:09 < kital> ke4qqq: but got a nice reply from him yesterday
33921:10 < kital> ok i would say lets end the "formal" meeting
34021:10 < kital> we made some good conclusions
34121:11 < kital> thanks mchua for being around
34221:11 < kital> and give as a good impulse
34321:11 < mchua> Thanks for talking with me about this, everyone - this helps a *lot*.
34421:11 < kital> s/as/us
34521:11 < mchua> Could I ask a favor?
34621:11 < kital> mchua: sure
34721:11 < mchua> it's past 3am here and I'm probably going to unconscious pretty soon, but I want to make sure this gets logged for posterity.
34821:12 < kital> i will do it
34921:12 < mchua> Can someone take their IRC logs from this meeting and submit it in a ticket - like this: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Zodbot#zodbot_blew_up_while_it_was_logging_my_meeting.2C_what_can_I_do.3F
35021:12 < mchua> so we can get these turned into meetbot logs, and on a server?
35121:12 < kital> yep
35221:12 < tatica> mchua, a pleasure
35321:12 < kital> #endmeeting
35421:12 < kital> ;)
35521:12 < mchua> and email the log links to the Ambassadors list when they're done? I'm on that list, so I will see them and make sure they are summarized and translated to Chinese, and that the community here picks up on them.
35621:13 < ke4qqq> mchua: I sent you an email with my list of things
35721:13  * mchua grins
35821:13 < mchua> kital: thank you!
35921:13 < mchua> kital: thank you!
36021:13 < mchua> ke4qqq: thak you!
36121:13 < mchua> argh!
36221:13 < mchua> I can't type.
36321:13 < mchua> ke4qqq: thank you!
36421:13 < ke4qqq> my pleasure - get some rest
36521:13 < mchua> tatica: muchas gracias!
36621:13 < tatica> mchua, lol!
36721:13 < mchua> Yessir.
36821:13 < tatica> mchua, de nada corazón :D
36921:13 < kital> thanks all for being around
37021:14 < kital> mchua: yes the logs go to ambassadors
37121:16  * mchua nods
37221:16 < mchua> thank you!