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I'm categorizing the bundled libraries according to programming language so that it's easier for people to know what they're working on without stepping on each other's toes. This ticket will be for bundling of pure php modules. Bundling of C libraries in php (for instance, in extension modules) will be handled separately -- probably in the C tracker.

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Need triage



Tentative plan was outlined in the bug but then some objections were raised and no work done. Need to find out if the feedcreator upstream is active. If so, look into merging the changes from phpTodo into the upstream feedcreator. If not, restarting development of feedcreator with the Fedora maintainers and merging the various forks is a possibility. It looked like Xavier Bachelot might be interested in doing that.



Needs analysis to figure out if any bundled libraries are modified from upstream.

Also, some of the bundled libraries need a package review (see the blocker bugs for this package).



Need to get a list of all bundled libraries. Then need to work with Jon Ciesla (moodle maintainer) to unbundle the libraries.

Need source code patch



Need to unbundle the mentioned libraries. May need to package some of them if the information is not out of date.



Unbundling of phplayersmenu. Someone needs to analyze what's been modified in the phplayersmenu that's bundled. Then send the changes to upstream phplayersmenu or otherwise remove the differences.




Jon Ciesla is working on these two packages as the new package maintainer. Note that the packages may be merging upstream, thus noting them together in the same section.

Need spec file patch

Need package review

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/me notes that ian is the reporter of this one so he's probably aware already :-)

phpMyAdmin/phpExcel + licensing violation


phpMyAdmin(GPLv2+) bundles PHPExcel(LGPLv2+). PHPExcel bundles php-pear-OLE(PHP licensed).

We need a packager to create the PHPExcel package, a php programmer to patch that to use the system php-pear-OLE library, and anyone to communicate with upstreams for both PHPExcel and phpMyAdmin and ask if they'd add an exception to their GPL license to link against/combine with a work that is under the php license (php-pear-ole, at least. Possibly php itself)

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iarnell: I see you've accepted this ticket but haven't seen any updates. Are you still able to work on this?

comment:6 Changed 6 years ago by iarnell

I've not been able to dedicate as much time to this as I'd like, but I'm still plugging away slowly. I hope to get some of the bundled libs packaged and ready for review next week.

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I'm afraid I can't continue with this one. I've been putting it off for long enough that I can't bear to take another stab at it.

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