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A footprint editor used by openmoko developers.


To install fped on Fedora:

    # yum install fped


fped is an editor that allows the interactive creation of footprints of electronic components. Footprint definitions are stored in a text format that resembles a programming language.

The language is constrained such that anything that can be expressed in the textual definition also has a straightforward equivalent operation that can be performed through the GUI.


PCB, footprint


Kicad already includes a footprint ("module") editor, so why do we need a new one ? The issue with footprint generation for Kicad is that the built-in module editor is basically a drawing program that only captures the result of the module author's interpretation of a footprint drawing, but does not include the steps that led to this construction.

Furthermore, accurate measuring of dimensions in the drawing can only be done manually in the module editor, which makes review difficult and time-consuming.

In fped, the construction process is made explicit and each step can be expressed in terms of the parameters that appear in the vendor's drawing. Dimensions can be explicitly measured and the results can be included in the graphical output generated by fped.

Directly using parameters and construction steps from the reference drawing reduces the risk of mistakes. Visualizing the construction process and verificative measurements helps efficient and accurate review.



$ rpm -qd fped

The above command shows a directory footprints contains a list of footprints which can be used as demos or test cases.