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Milkymist hardware community toolchain support

Action list proposed by Milkymist founder

No.Assigned toStatusDescription
M.1Scott Tsai, Chitlesh(review) DONE - Reviewed and approved. latest UrJTAG, with Michael Walle's patches merged and FJMEM for Spartan-6. These patches add free software support for configuring the FPGA on our boards and reprogramming the flash. The patches have been merged upstream into UrJTAG and fedora package pulls from git repo.
M.2Chitlesh and dnglaze are co-maintaining openocd Merge Michael's patches to upstream. modified OpenOCD, not merged upstream yet. This enables in-circuit JTAG debugging of the Milkymist SoC.
M.3--Merge patch upstreamMichael's modified QEMU with LM32 and Milkymist support, not merged upstream yet.
M.4--Not needed anymore - RTEMS toolchain sufficeslm32-elf toolchain (including GCC, Binutils and GDB). I recommend GCC 4.5.1 that has the LM32 support included and a reasonable amount of bugs. No patches are needed for these tools, they work as released by the FSF. Newlib is not needed for this toolchain, which makes this item independent of the licensing discussion you had lately. This toolchain is used for building the Milkymist BIOS, the demo renderer and the experimental uClinux kernel. All those come with their own built-in libc.
M.5--Scilab 5.3 is now in Fedora. Scilab only needed for regenerating a specific (and provided) file.Scilab, used for building the demo renderer. The GUI is not needed for our purposes.
M.6--DONELemon parser generator.
M.7--DONERE2C (same comment)
M.8--DONEAn easy to configure/pre-installed TFTP server for netbooting the board.
M.9--lm32-rtems toolchain, which uses newlib so I hope the licensing discussions can be settled soon. Again, I recommend the GCC 4.5.1 based toolchain. There are already Fedora RPM packages available at the RTEMS FTP (browse around for SRPMS and other versions) and you can see for generic build instructions.
M.10--Merge missing bits in upstreamAn installation of the modified RTEMS (not fully merged upstream yet) built for Milkymist. if you have a package for 4.11 CVS, some bits for Milkymist support are already there, you don't need to follow the (most up to date) Git repository that I pointed. Just make sure you are building the "milkymist" BSP.
M.11ShakthiDONE APPROVEDThe flterm serial terminal and firmware download program .
M.12lucilangaDONEFTDI libraries for using Yanjun Luo's Milkymist One JTAG adapter with UrJTAG.
M.13--DONENative (x86) clang (LLVM), used for building some host-side tools in the build process.
M.15--DONE - Already in Fedora vim-common packagexxd hexdump command.
M.16ChitleshDONE. following closely upstream Icarus Verilog
M.17ShakthiDONE. following closely upstream GPLcver
M.18--DONE. following closely upstream GTKWave
M.19--DONElibGD and its development headers that we use in the software build process and through VPI in some Verilog test benches that process images.
M.20--DONEunmodified gcc-avr toolchain for building the firmware for our on-chip USB controller.

See also: packaging software for use with the OpenRISC Ordb2a-ep4ce22 FPGA development board. Very similar in scope.