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Welcome to Fedora Build Service

On-Demand Fedora Build service seeks to build Live and installation images for developers, testers and consumers of Fedora Linux. During the testing of Fedora releases, test images are often useful as smoke tests before full TC/RC composes, as baselines for specific test days or for automated installation testing in AutoQA. The idea is to make an on-demand build service which users/developers can use to make custom Fedora based distributions so that command-line wrangling can be minimized.

This is a very young project that got it's start during the 2012 Google Summer of Code. The goal was and still is to make this a usable service for the Fedora community and our goal is to continue that work here.


This project is still under very active development and the most recent code can currently be found in the develop branch in git. The master branch will always be in a usable state and the documentation should be assumed to be cover the master branch and not the develop branch. Deliverables are:


The planning is still being worked out, details will be here shortly.


The source is in git, you can clone and submit patches. Patches are definitely accepted and help is very much appreciated. Development happens in the develop branch.



We haven't figured out a mailing list to use yet but you can find tflink or amitksaha in #fedora-qa on Freenode IRC if you have questions.