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Fedora Badges

Whoever you are, you can suggest a new badge or report bugs in badges! Read the New Badge Guide for some tips on submitting badges if you like.

This site is used to track proposed new badges for and badge bugs in Fedora Badges. Whoever you are, you can do something to help create new badges and fix badge bugs!

Note that we only track bugs in the badges themselves here: that is, the artwork and the badge definitions that determine the name, description and criteria for badge awards. For information on other parts of the Badges stack and where to report bugs in the website or the other components that make up Badges, Look down here! You can also join the Badges mailing list.

Working on badge ideas

Are you a Badges enthusiast?

Do you think you can triage some badge ideas?

  • These badges haven't been triaged yet. 'Triage' just means setting all the ticket fields correctly - if you think you can do that, please help out! We don't have a triage guide yet, but there will be one soon.

Are you a designer (or learning to be one)? You can create artwork for badges! (Don't forget about the design resources)

Are you a design team member? You can do artwork review! Set the Artwork status drop-down to Approved if the artwork for a badge is in order.

  • These badges need artwork review the most - in fact, it's all they need to be done!
  • These badges also need artwork review, but less urgently - do the others first!

Are you writing or learning to write badge definitions?

Are you a Badges developer? You can review badge definitions and push badges to production, and perhaps help fix other things we need to make some badge ideas possible!

  • These badges should be all ready to be pushed out!
  • These badges need definition review the most - in fact, it's all they need to be done!
  • These badges also need definition review, but less urgently - do the others first!
  • These badges need something fixed outside of Badges before we can implement them


You can use git to check out the existing badges from the repository with:

$ git clone

The badge definitions are in rules/ and the images in pngs/ and svgs/ (if you can't find the svg for the badge you're looking for, it's probably in badge-template.svg). You'll probably find it handy to have examples from existing badges to refer to as you work on new ones.

Other Badges sites and repositories

Not looking to do any of the above things? You might be looking for the directories containing the badges deployed live. Or if you're interested in hacking on the stack that powers Fedora Badges, check out the following repos:

Oddshocks' talk at Flock 2013 is a good introduction.

Physical Badges

Would you like to see your badges in physical form, not just online? We're looking into how that might be possible - to learn more go to: