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Fedocal is a web based calendar application for Fedora.

Márín Duffy proposed the design of fedocal

Feel free to consult the fedocal documentation for information on how to set-up, configure, run and contribute to the project.

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git clone


git clone ssh://<FAS user>

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List of open tickets

Desktop or CLI client
Create different calendars, so they could be synced with the Magazine Calendar
Add CalDAV support
Add "year view" or "month view"
Support action undo
reminder email sent at wrong time when timezone is used
broken display of events
some events randomly either disappear or appear multiplicated many times over
Allow setting for flexible time periods for repeating events
Client side reminders for a complete calendar
allow markdown formatting in the field "More information URL"
List view stops at current year
the iCal export of Budget calendar doesn't include all events
"Recursive event" should be "Recurring event"
Calendar widget doesn't show days of the week
event detail has inccorect date when meeting occurs on the day after its scheduled in UTC
Custom aggregated calendar
Fedocal sends meeting reminder even the meeting is cancelled (for reoccuring meetings)
The ical view is rendering a once a month event as being weekly

Problems Scheduled for next release (0.14)

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