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The point of Fastback is to improve on the largely manual, time consuming, and sometimes frustrating process of collecting and sending 'Diagnostic Files' (like crash dumps and SOS reports).

Ideally it would be possible to associate one or more machines with a support ticket (Bugzilla or Trac or whatever), and then any Diagnostic Files produced on those machines are automatically prepared and delivered to the appropriate ticket as soon as they are produced. Fastback is a project to create a tool (a client, a server, and a protocol) that will make this possible.

Installation and Trying it out

Get the code:

$ git clone
$ cd fastback

Build and install in one of two ways, either:

$ make
$ sudo make install


$ make rpm
$ sudo rpm -i RPMS/$(uname -i)/fastback-1-*.rpm

Configure Fastback by editing the file /etc/fastback.conf. Follow the instructions in the file. You will need an FTP, HTTP, or SCP server to upload to.

Run it:

$ fastback --help
$ fastback FILE --encrypt --ticket=IT12345 | tee receipt
    # where FILE is a file you want to send to dropbox
    # ("| tee receipt" stores the output of fastback in the file receipt)

Now you have to play the part of the receiving support engineer. Copy the 'receipt' to the server, or copy the uploaded file back to your current machine. Put the 'receipt' and the uploaded file in the same directory.


$ fastback-unload-receipt receipt
    # this will check the md5sum and decrypt the file

Other Resources

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