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2012 Fedora Merchandise Order

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We need to get on top of ordering swag for the upcoming events in 2012 now so let's focus our next meeting on making decisions about what swag we need to order and in what quantities.

If you have strong opinions on swag that we need it wouldn't hurt to start making the list here in the ticket prior to the next meeting.

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Per this meeting log: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-04-18/famna.2012-04-18-01.00.log.html

FamNA is going to order:

300 T-shirts
5000 stickers (note: 5000 stickers cost about $800 in the past)
3000 pens (note: 3000 pens cost $1325 in the past)
1500 Fedora buttons
500 Beefy Miracle buttons (graphite6 has submitted a ticket to the design team)
? case badges

Other swag that the group may consider/mentioned an interest in:

hats, lighters, screw drivers, frankformer ( http://frankformers.com/), spiral notebook or notepads, mugs, visors, UV protection sunglasses, Mousepads. Highlighter. Flashing LED light. Sports bottle. Digital Pedometer, Retractable Square Badge Holder, Hand Held Fan, Hand Sanitizer, Translucent Shot Glass, Eco Spiral Notebook w/ Pen, Soft Key Chain, Water bottle, Foam insulation wrapped in polyester, lanyard, magnetic clip, Aluminum 6mm carabiner, & tape measure, yubikeys or other otp type thing

Raffle items being researched:
Timbuk2 messenger bag (by VICODANAX)
Raspberry Pi (by nb)

Current inventory (as gathered from meeting log and info on swag inventory ticket https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/29)

StabbyMC has (per meeting log):
6000 stickers (but 5000 are tagged for LaTaM)

herlo has (per trac ticket):
10 XL (I f freedom shirts)
~200 window clings
~100 white fedora balloons
~300 fedora buttons
~100 large fedora voice stickers
~400 mini fedora keyboard stickers
~200 fedora pens

nb has (per trac ticket):
a few sheets of keyboard stickers
quite a few shirts and pens and laptop stickers
maybe 15 strips of case badges

in general: 'good supply' of tattoos

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I would like to approve (or at least consider approving) funding for a hunk of this during the meeting this week. If we could be prepared with at least reasonable estimates for t-shirts, buttons, pens, laptop stickers, and case badges that would be a great start!

comment:4 Changed 5 years ago by rbergero

FYI: 50k stickers from StickerGiant (30k for Ambassadors, 20k for Red Hat) are estimated to ship from Stickergiant on 5/21. The cost was just short of $3k, but is being paid for out of non-Regional support budget (in other words, from a different, kind benefactor inside of Red Hat).

comment:5 Changed 5 years ago by graphitefriction

The invoice for the pens was paid on 5/14/2012. Invoice total was $2,045.11. Gary Austin Advertising said the pens would be processed in approx. 3 days and then shipped out to the address on the invoice.

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1500 Fedora (1 inch) buttons were ordered on 5/24. The order was completed and shipped on 6/4.

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Who paid for case badges? Was that Stabby?

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Replying to rbergero:

Who paid for case badges? Was that Stabby?

I think we identified dgilmore as the culprit.

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This ticket has largely been addressed but I wanted to kick it back to another meeting to see if we could get anywhere on t-shirts and possibly some new swag items before closing it.

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Sent an inquiry to Brian to check on getting another batch of splatter t-shirts including some suitable for women tonight. Will update when I get further information.

comment:12 Changed 4 years ago by inode0

Received quotes on shirts today. Pricing ranges from $6.10 - $7.85 depending on size. Working up a distribution of sizes/cuts now and will propose a purchase soonish.

comment:13 Changed 4 years ago by graphitefriction

From 12-12-2012 FAmNA meeting

#info inode0 waiting on T-shirt price update because we were $400 under budget

comment:14 Changed 4 years ago by graphitefriction

T-shirts have arrived, but invoice payment is pending. Once payment is complete inode0 will close this ticket. per 1/22/2013 meeting

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Payment was made last week.

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