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In the last meeting on Jun-04-2009, FAmSCo made a decission to improve the Ambassador Membership Process, this is the result from discussions, suggestions and concerns in regular and informal Meetings and on the Ambassador List, that we had in the last weeks to work on a better Ambassador Membership Experience for all new and "old" Ambassadors.

We decided against more formal barriers, we have a good, fast and clear Ambassador Membership Process already! Now we implement just one new single, simple step which gives us the benefit of mentoring and responsibility that we have learned from other Groups within Fedora.

The Mentors are now the Key-Role to find out, one is ready or not - how you mentor, assess and control the Candidate is your personal way, the only thing what we need is a message to FAmA (or thumbs up in the fama ticketsystem)

(ambassadors-owner@…) - ready or not. If you want to give them tasks or special insights this depends on what scope your Work on Fedora is, or what do you think is the right to find it out. This decision is - and should be - a personal, subjective decision from the mentor and we trust you and you have no further bureaucratic controls to fulfill than the info to FAmA!

How it works? - pretty simple:

  • Candidate get's email from FAmA with his regional Mentors and the advise to contact one of this mentors.
  • Mentor has nothing todo until he get's an email from a Candidate.
  • Mentor gets email -> assess the candidate, do it your way!
  • inform FAmA within 14 Days with yes or no, need more time(extend the milestone field)!

The whole Plan!

some hints: We stretched the approval-period to 14 days to give you and the candidate the needed time to find out if there is a chance for joining. While the candidates have to contact the mentor proactive first, the mentor only has to deal with the communicative Candidates! Candidates who need longer time or do not contact a Mentor, will get cleaned up and can come back if they are ready. If you work with a Candidate forward sponsoring, the period of 14 days can be extended in the ticket system by longer milestone settings. In any way, after 14 Day without any reaction or update to FAmA we clean up the Account from the Sponsoring-Queue! This helps us to keep the overview.

Why FAmA keeps the Sponsoring Role? Because, we have certain requirements especially the Mailing List Membership, and as example we want not make all Mentors ML-Admins to control this step.

Now you have some time to think over it and make the decision if you want to stay as a regional Mentor to work torwards this new Mentoring Process.

Please use the List we have here: to switch on/off - if you have a time period where you can not be a Mentor.

The official Announcement will get out on Tuesday Jun-09-2009, when i have updated the related Wiki pages, the Ticket system and the FAS-Messages. We official start after the Sponsorship Queue clean up on Jun-11-2009.

Signed by jsimon@… 2009-06-30

More Mentors joined the Team and we learned our first lessons. We have moved the ticket System for Membership Process tracking to TRAC and adjusted it to our needs.

The 14 Days limit turned out as a good period - some of the candidates needed more mentoring and time and therefore we have a field "deadline by Mentor" where you can set a date until you think the candidate can prove his will. You can assign the ticket to you so we know you work with the candidate. We have also a field where you can set the "Mentor Status" - you can change that field for the necessary informations - then the ready email is not needed to send to FAmA.

This is only a offer - if you dont want to work this way, emails work fine ;)

Signed by jsimon@… 2009-07-10 09:55

thanks nayyar, yes is clear - i send the steps to the candidate as soon as i see the request in the fas - i maintain a time frame of 24-36 h, within this timeframe he will get the initial fama mail with the steps which you already know from the join page. If a candidate starts to pick a mentor before he received the steps by email, you can now create a ticket with the milestone "Approval Process - Steps NOT yet sent" You are free to use the ticket system if you want and use the mentor fields for status updates. But if you love to write emails it is absolute ok to ignore the ticket system and send emails ;) mentors was not made to have much formalism.