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Welcome to the Fedora Ambassadors Membership Administration Page

These pages host the latest source and ticketing system for Fedora Ambassadors Membership Administration (FAMA). Part of the new Fedora Event budgeting process included trying to keep a closer track of Ambassadors and our membership. Another aim is to simplify the processes of the maintenance of the Fedora Ambassadors group.

Fedora Ambassadors Membership Verification page

The Fedora Ambassadors Membership Verification page contains a list with all verified Fedora Ambassadors. This page is automatically updated with the most recent data.

Ambassadors stats

The graphs are an attempt to monitor the growth of the Fedora Ambassadors since its beginning in a visual way. Take a look at the AmbassadorMetrics page.

FAS check

There was a time when zodbot was not working. Because a dependency is that all members of the Fedora Ambassadors group in FAS have joined the mailing list, we needed a simple way to search for the corresponding email address to maintain the mailing list.

Mailing Lists

If you are looking for ways to communicate with Fedora Ambassadors: Fedora Ambassadors Mailing List

Known Bugs and New Bugs

Known bugs live at the ticketing system, where you can also log a new ticket. For bugs that live outside FAMA, but apply to the general process of the Ambassadors Stats and related tools. Note: For creating tickets, you need an account in the Fedora Account System. To create one, register here