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Hardware for booth setup

Be aware that the shipping for this item is expensive. If possible, try to pick-up those thing at the current location. We expect that you are a bit self organized with expendable items as listed here

QuantityDescription Owner Location Comment
3 Stand-up roller banner Joerg Simon Stuttgart (DE) 2 F's and a generic one
1 Stand-up roller banner Gerold Kassube Rheinfelden (DE) 1 F "Freedom"
1 Beamer Joerg Simon Stuttgart (DE) out-of-order
1 Linksys 54GL with ddWRT Bert Desmet Ghent (BE)
1 4 F's poster big (plastic) Bert Desmet Ghent (BE) 4 parts
1 Generic textile banner Bert Desmet Ghent (BE) 'Fedora'
3 Generic textile banner Joerg Simon Stuttgart (DE)
1 Fedora Poster A0 (plastic) Joerg Simon Stuttgart (DE)
1 Logo banner 1 m (plastic) Joerg Simon Stuttgart (DE)
1 4 F's poster A1 (plastic) Joerg Simon Stuttgart (DE
1 Logo banner 2 m Pierros Papadeas Athens (GR) Made from plastic canvas
1 Vertical Logo banner 2 m Pierros Papadeas Athens (GR) freestanding
1 Vertical Logo banner 2 m Pierros Papadeas Athens (GR) freestanding
1 24 port switch Jörg Simon Stuttgart (DE)
1 24 port switch (19") Henrik Heigl Pirmasens (DE)
1 OLPC Jens Kühnel Frankfurt (DE)
1 OLPC Pierros Papadeas Athens (DE) Borrowed from D. Glezos
1 OLPC Zoltan Hoppar Győr (HU) Borrowed from Cwickert
> 5 Power multiplier EU Jörg Simon Stuttgart (DE)
4 4 F's poster Christos Bacharakis Thessaloniki (GR)
1 Tablecloth blue without Logo Joerg Simon Stuttgart (DE)
1 Tablecloth white big Logo Joerg Simon Stuttgart (DE)
2 Flag stands Zoltan Hoppar Győr (HU) Deskflags size, but no flags to them
1 Stand-up rollup banner Freedom Wing with 4F Gergely Rakosi Budapest (HU)
1 Raspberry Pi B + HDMI-VGA cable Zoltan Hoppar Győr (HU) With F17 Image
1 IR presenter + USB pod Zoltan Hoppar Győr (HU) Compatible with everything
1 15 inch VGA LG monitor Gergely Rakosi Csomad (HU) Used for presentations
1 Fedora with 4 values small poster Álvaro Castillo Spain (ES) I have got it.
1 TP-Link 8 port ethernet switch Giannis Konstantinidis Samos (GR)
2 4 Foundations A2-sized posters Giannis Konstantinidis Samos (GR)



Quantity Description Owner Location Comment
10 Case badges (metallic) Jiri Eischmann Brno (CZ)
30 Case badges (white) Christoph Wickert Münster (DE)
150 Fedora logo Stickers Gianluca Sforna Perugia (IT)
500 Fedora logo Stickers Christoph Wickert Münster (DE)
39 Fedora logo Stickers Antonio Trande Lecce (IT)
70 Fedora logo Stickers Kevin Raymond Paris (FR)
100 Fedora logo Stickers Constantin Drabo Ouagadougou (BF)
150 Laptop sticker (metallic) Kevin Raymond Paris (FR)
250 Fedora logo Stickers Nikos Roussos Athens (GR)
cca. 200? Katello, Gluster, Selinux... different rounded stickers Gergely Rakosi Csomad (HU) Need to be counted


QuantityDescription Owner Location Comment
5 Button Iosif Bancioiu Sadu-Sibiu (RO)


QuantityDescription Owner Location Comment
500 Metal Pins Joerg Simon Hemmingen (DE)
50 Metal Pins Kevin Raymond Paris (FR) Have to count them..
250 Metal Pins ???????? France
5 Metal Pins Gergely Rakosi Csomad (HU)
50 Metal Pins (S+L) Gianluca Sforna Perugia (IT)


QuantityDescription Owner Location Comment
15 Cheatcubes for Users in English Zoltan Hoppar Győr (HU)
30 RH flyers EN Gergely Rakosi Csomad (HU)
100 Support Flyers (in Greek) Giannis Konstantinidis Samos (GR)
160 Baseball Caps Jiri Eischmann Brno (CZ)
100 Mugs Jiri Eischmann Brno (CZ)
10 Mugs Gianluca Sforna Perugia (IT)
10 Baseball Caps Gianluca Sforna Perugia (IT)

Ambassador Polos

Quantity Size Owner Location Comment
25 M,L,XL,XXL Jiri Eischmann Brno (CZ)

Live media

Normally there are Live media for the current release of Fedora available in EMEA.


QuantityDescription Owner Location Comment
30 Multi Desktop DVD Jiri Eischmann Brno (CZ)
100 Multi Desktop DVD Constantin Drabo Ouagadougou (BF)
35 Multi Desktop DVD Robert Mayr Lodi (IT)
100 Multi Desktop DVD Álvaro Castillo Spain (ES) Spent on LinuxCon?

Fedora 18

QuantityDescription Owner Location Comment
30 Multi Desktop DVD Jiri Eischmann Brno (CZ)
43 Multi Desktop DVD Álvaro Castillo Spain (ES) Spent on latest event

Fedora 19

QuantityDescription Owner Location Comment
400 Multi Desktop DVD Gianluca Sforna Perugia (IT)
150 Multi Desktop DVD Jiri Eischmann Brno (CZ)
30 Multi Desktop DVD Giannis Konstantinidis Samos (GR)
20 Multi Desktop DVD Nikos Roussos Athens (GR)

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If you want see "how is it each stickers, button...", please go to Inventory_info.