Last modified 7 years ago Last modified on 06/11/09 12:39:52

debuginfo changes for rpmbuild targets Fedora 12 for deploying new DebugInfo schemes.

separate -debuginfo from -debuginfo-src

rpm macro/script changes to put the /usr/src/debug files in one rpm and the /usr/lib/debug files in another. Do some measurements on the rawhide files to see how big the sources actually are.

  • rawhide 2009-12-15 x86_64 has ~24G of /usr/lib/debug files and ~8G of /usr/src/debug files
    • note need to do an rpmbuild experiment to estimate compressed src sizes, probably compress much better than debug files do


Possibly also tweak the macros that invoke it and use its output.

We hope some elfutils components will be doing most of the complex DebugInfo work for the archive plan. The rpm script will invoke that once for each (class,data,machine) tuple represented by the binaries being processed. It will do what eu-strip now does, but roll the .debug files straight into the archive. The DWARF processor will also have options to rewrite the source directory names and collect source file names, replacing debugedit.

Perhaps all these components will be accessible via Python bindings, which would be natural for rpmites to have the rpm script be in.