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EKG scans and processes mailing list activity, which serves as a proxy for community health.

This project has a mailing list which you are welcome to join.

There have been multiple implementations of the EKG idea over time.

The active and maintained version

Greg DeKoenigsberg implemented a version of EKG in Perl, which is currently being used by Red Hat's Community Architecture team. The source code is hosted here, and the results live at

Accessing the code

To view the code, just click "Browse Source" at the top of this page.

For anonymous check-out, run:

$ git clone git://

If you are a Fedora contributor and want to commit, apply to gitekg in FAS and run:

$ git clone ssh://

The inactive and currently unmaintained versions

Michael DeHaan implemented a version of EKG in Ruby, which includes some really spiffy graphing output. The code lives at github.

Yaakov Nemoy began implementing a version of EKG in Python.